The verifiedUV™ version 2 chip

This is the strongest UV 365nM LED chip available on a strip. It is our exclusive product and one which we developed. You won't see much when it ignites because UV is invisible and this LED produces the highest percentage of 365nM wavelength than any other product on the market. You won't see blue or purple. In fact, so much UV is produced that you shouldn't observe it without wearing safety glasses. This is an industrial strength product designed by printmakers for printmakers to expose alternative process prints quickly and with high acuity.

What makes this LED chip so unique is the super high output of 365nM UV radiation that it produces and the efficiency at which it produces it. Only 10w per meter is required. verifiedUV is a perfect marriage of a novel industrial UV LED chip and a proprietary flexible PCB developed exclusively by Vermont PhotoInkjet in Topsham, Vermont.

When properly configured it can produce platinum print exposures of 60 seconds. If exposure speed is your bottleneck, this little chip will speed up your workflow.

Choosing verifiedUV as your alternative process exposing light will benefit your work with speed, acuity, repeatability, and reliability. 365nM UV is optimal for platinum / palladium, gum print, salt print, gold, carbon, cyanotype, most photopolymer plates used in relief / intaglio, and many other alternative processes. 

There are three ways to get it.

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Buy the strip reels

You can buy the strips and design and configure your own exposure system. We offer a DIY guide to help you with the electronic bits.

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Purchase a complete system

You can purchase a professionally engineered all-aluminum vacuum or non-vacuum UV Exposure system from us with your choice of options in sizes up to 30x44.

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Integrated Exposure Plates

You can purchase one of our professionally engineered exposing plates that has been fully wired and integrated with your choice of options for you to place into your own exposure box design.

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Comparative Exposure Times

Typical Exposure Speeds Platinum / Palladium Jet/Toyoba Photopolymer Green Mountain Photopolymer
verifiedUV 3mm spacing 01:04 00:09 01:50
verifiedUV 14mm spacing 02:08 00:18 03:40
verifiedUV 25mm spacing 04:16 00:36 07:20
3000w Nuarc metal halide 07:28 04:05 12:50
HO Fluorescent UV 09:36 05:15 16:30
Fluorescent UV 15:22 08:24 26:24


Bob Carnie          

The reduction in time is IMO a game changer
We have been using this machine pretty much every day for a couple of weeks now, from single gum over palladium, to tri-colored gums over palladium. Observations. Obviously the machine is super fast, it's a bit noisy but really a small price to pay as all fans are working at good efficiency. We have noticed that the prints seem sharper and better defined than when we were using the bigger nuarc which gave us over 25 minutes for pd and over 35 minutes for gum. The reduction in time is IMO a game changer. I would give the experience and operation of this unit a 9 out of 10 , I would give 10 out of 10 but being Canadian we are a bit more reserved up here. So far the machine exceeds our expectations and I am really glad we went this route.

 —  Bob Carnie of Bob Carnie Printmaking & Gallery