VerifiedUV™ v2 365nM (version 2) Ultra Violet LED Strip Reel 5m

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verifiedUV™ (version 2) 365nM UV high output Led Strip 5 meters
  • Special Strip Leads for these LED strips are here.

  • 22% Less Expensive per irradiance unit than Waveform RealUV™

  • 38% More Irradiance than Waveform RealUV™

  • Extremely high output 365nM UV illumination designed by printmakers for printmakers. 

  • When configured in a squared grid, produces an irradiance of greater than 7000 µW/cm² at 4-6 inches* (about 3-5 times greater than high output UV metal halide). Should expose platinum/palladium print in about 60 seconds.

  • Can be configured in wider spacing between strips without light patterning for reduced costs but increased exposure time.

  • 8mm wide by 5000mm length (5 meters)

  • 3 industrial strength 2835 LEDs per inch.

  • Can be cut to new lengths every inch.

  • Requires 12volts 10 watts per meter.

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Exposure systems can be made using a wide variety of UV illumination lamps including metal halide, fluorescent tube, but LED offers some of the most far reaching benefits of any material. Besides being less expensive to operate, they come to full illumination upon starting, have an extremely long life, are highly efficient, and when properly configured can produce more UV intensity than other types of lamps.

An increasing demand for shorter exposures has had a direct effect on the demand for more stable and precise light systems. The verifiedUV™ 365nM LED light strip can be configured with greater flexibility than lower standard light strips. They can be placed both closer together or further apart. The higher density of luminaries offering both versatility as well as intensity. 

verifiedUV™ version 2 is the latest generation of 2835 sized luminaries with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, and the highest efficiency UV emitters of any 365nM UV LED.

Designed by Jon Cone and exclusively manufactured for InkjetMall. The verifiedUV™ version 2 high output 365nM UV strip is highest standards in terms of build and we believe the highest output product available. Using the latest generation of 2835 UV LED and configured 3 per inch on a novel design PCB.

Configure your LED grid with our grid calculator.

*The irradiance has been verified using Ian Leake's latest LC+4 integrator to measure over 7000 µW/cm² at a height of 4-6 inches above the target when placed in a squared grid. As a comparator using the same device, Cone Editions Press’ NuArc FT32V3UP 240v 30amp 3000 watt 32" exposure unit produces just over 1000 µW/cm² measured at the target. Typically, high output fluorescent boxes produce in the 300-500 range.

The spread of the LEDs is 120 degrees and therefore it is possible to space them 8mm away from one another or 16mm away from one another, etc. The exposure times increase while the intensity striking the media decreases as the strips are placed further apart from one another. 

The real benefit of this strip is running them adjacent to one another and taking advantage of super short exposure times. We also have easy to use strip connectors that fit the 8mm strip. The closest distance to align one strip to another and still be able to use the strop connectors is 3mm spacing between the two. This results in the shortest possible exposure time.

For examples consider the following as there are no light patterning issues at an exposure height of 4-6 inches:

  1. Strips aligned 3mm apart results in an exposure of about 60 seconds for a platinum print.

  2. Strips aligned 11mm apart results in an exposure of about 100 seconds for a platinum print.

  3. Strips aligned 22mm apart results in an exposure of about 2.5 minutes for a platinum print.

  4. Strips aligned 33mm apart results in an exposure of about 4 minutes for a platinum print.

At 10 watts 12v input per meter, these strip lamps will produce less heat than version 1. We recommend as a best practice to peel the strip from the adhesive back and apply these directly to an aluminum sheet (1/8" is more than adequate) to transfer the heat from the strip to the back of the plate. If your exposure head is large, then a cooling fan for longer exposures may be recommended at exposure times longer than 4 minutes.

Further, we recommend that you wire these strips in rows in "parallel" rather than in series. Our strip connectors use teeth and can be separated into two sides, one each with a neg and a pos lead. These should be connected to terminal blocks. The blocks should be connected to the transformer. Always use the 80% rule with transformers. A 5 meter reel will use 50 watts of power, and the transformer should not be powered more than 80% of its rating. Therefore a 70 watt switching power supply should be used. If you use 10 reels (50 meters) the wattage increases to 500 watts and a switching power supply of 750 watts should be used.

Wiring in parallel prevents voltage drop. Likewise, using heavier gauge wire from the transformer to the terminal blocks prevents voltage drop. Terminal blocks can be divided into groups corresponding with the amount of voltage output blocks on the switching power supply. If there are three groups of 12v out - then 3 groups of terminal blocks can be used connected with heavy gauge wire.

Although connecting strip to strip in series seems easier and more logical, by doing so instead of in parallel with one another, the first strip voltage will be considerably higher then the last strip's voltage and results will be uneven luminosity from the first to the last strip.

When looking at the price of these LEDs framed as "cost per irradiance unit", these LED strips are less expensive and more powerful than Waveform RealUV LED strips.


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What's Included:

You get one reel, 5 meters in length, with a dual wire connector at one end.


These strip reels require 12v. They require 10 watts 12v per meter.

Product Type Accessory or Historical Process
Brand VerifiedUV

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