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PiezoDN is a set of tools and QuadtoneRIP curves for printing and calibrating high-quality negatives using Piezography ink. PiezoDN is revolutionary because it is the only tool that automates the making of alt process digital negatives that produce contact prints that match your display.

Learn more about PiezoDN from our recorded Live Zoom Session.

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When you buy PiezoDN at https://shop.inkjetmall.com. You will get an email with a username and password to the PiezoDN website (piezodn.inkjetmall.com) that will allow you to download the PiezoDN package and all its updates forever. It may take up to 24hrs for us to build your username and password if you buy PiezoDN on a weekend. It’s a manual process right now. Just like the darkroom!

Finest Quality Negatives in the World

Because PiezoDN is built upon the proven ink and curve technology of Piezography, the negatives it produces are capable of making thousands upon thousands of tonal transitions. This system truly matches the tonal breadth of noble-metal arts such as Platinum and Palladium printing.

Because PiezoDN is an inkjet printed negative, you can calibrate it perfectly for any given analogue process and print different negatives on the fly, something not done with more expensive LVT film burners.

PiezoDN is Darkroom v2

We started building PiezoDN only for Palladium and Platinum printing but quickly realized it was capable of so much more. We’ve built base-line curves for Gum, Cyanotype, Salt, Ziatype, and Silver and we aren’t stopping there. Over the next few years we hope to build the baseline curves needed for Malde-Ware printout Platinum, gravure, and the list keeps growing!

.7 Point Text? Yep.

A long time ago we proved the resolution fidelity of Piezography by printing 1pt text (something not possible using normal epson ink even with today’s newest pro printers). We’ve gone a step further with PiezoDN and printed all of Alice in Wonderland at 3.5×4.5 inches in READABLE .7pt text. Of course you need a loupe to see it. The negatives that PiezoDN produces are finer than the optical resolution of Platinum/Palladium or other hand-coated print-methods even when using single-point lights and vacuum easels. PiezoDN makes true contact-worthy negatives that rival or possibly surpass traditional photo negatives when using new-generation digital cameras such as the A7rII or medium-format digital backs.

When printed on silver paper, this system far-surpasses the leading digital silver printing services in both resolution, tonal fidelity, and the ability to print in your own darkroom on your paper of choice.

Calibrate In House

PiezoDN comes packed with tools for calibrating (linearizing) your own digital negatives that produce prints that match your display. No other system can accomplish this. Our unique concept is to calibrate directly between your screen display and the alt process print. You benefit by being able to image the way you want your print to appear. No Photoshop curves are necessary with PiezoDN. You simply measure a calibration target that you have contact printed, feed measurement data into PiezoDN software. PiezoDN then produces a curve for QTR that produces a negative that is not only linear and can separate 256 gray levels, but also matches the contrast of your display. Use the optional Soft Proof and editing images for alt process becomes second nature.

Literally, you can get the same tonal separation in your DARKROOM that you can with Piezography-on-paper. And you do not have to do a complicated digital negative making process as you do with color inks.

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What's Included:

You get a download installer package that includes starting curves for several processes. The installer includes tools for quickly building or/and customizing your own linearizations. Read Compatibility to fully understand this product and what else is required (Piezography inks, QTR, QTR Print Tool) on supported printer models and Operating Systems.

If you have not already licensed QuadTone RIP and QTR PrintTool, both are available for purchase directly at the QuadToneRIP.com website.

Does PiezoDN support the new Epson SureColor P-series printers?

Yes it does. All models are supported in both the Europe and China regional printer models.

North American printer models are also now supported. The P400, P600 require our special refillable cartridges. The P800 requires our special decoder board which the user must install to disable the mechanism that Epson is using to prevent use with non-Epson branded cartridges. The P5000 is not currently supported. The P6000, P7000, P8000, and P9000 are supported and InkjetMall will soon be selling "reliable" refillable cartridges for these printers.

What printers does PiezoDN work on?

PiezoDN supports the following Epson Printer models: 1400, 1430, 1500W, R2000, R2880, R3000, 3800, 3880, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7800, 7880, 7900, 7900, 7890, 9900, 9890. SureColor P400, P600, P800, P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000.

What Piezography inks are required?

Piezography Selenium or Piezography Pro inks are the "certified" PiezoDN inks. Piezography Neutral and Warm Neutral also work. Piezography Special Edition and Carbon do not work.

Can I use some other Piezography inkset other than Selenium?

Of course! The other ink-sets may not match the exact tonality guaranteed by the Selenium ink but PiezoDN comes with tools able to calibrate your system. If you have some smarts, you can use any Piezography gloss-capable inkset you like and PiezoDN will work perfectly with it.

What operating systems does PiezoDN support?

Currently PiezoDN works on both the Mac and PC (*preferred platform is Mac). Both the Mac and PC version will print “linear” just like Piezography. However, because the PC does not allow printing with ICC profiles you can not take advantage of the Mac only option of using ICC profiles in combination with the linearized output. On the Mac you have a choice of printing a linear print (slightly lighter than the monitor) or with an ICC profile to match the print to the monitor.

What if I do not want to use a Mac?

PiezoDN can still be used to make high standard negatives, but you will not be able to build negatives that match your calibrated screen display. Once you have seen an Alternative Process Print that matches your screen display, there is no going backwards. An eBay or Craigslist used iMac or PowerBook becomes an inexpensive print server.

I'm already on OS X which includes Numbers, will I need Microsoft Excel?

Yes and No. You will need Numbers or Microsoft Excel because in order to process the scripts that run the PiezoDN profiling tools which are embedded in our supplied worksheets. However, we also include a Custom Tuning tool that contains some pretty heavy math scripts that is only compatible with Excel. This tool allows you to add a Photoshop curve into any .quad you wish. Why would someone want to do this? Many darkroom printmakers have certain wishes for tonal gradations that are not perfectly linear from dark to light. For example, Platinum printers often want highlights that are significantly lighter than normal along with a wide-open mid-range and short blackened shadow areas. This tonal “intent” can be created using a Photoshop curve and then simply added to an already linearized .quad.

How much support will I get with this new-fangled system?

The first place to look for information is The Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition that comes installed with PiezoDN and includes detailed instructions on PiezoDN workflow and calibration. This website also has a private members-only forum that you’ll be able to post questions on and share curve-files on. This will be the place to ask questions. Lastly, there is tons of general Piezography support at our general forum found at http://inkjetmall.com/tech

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