A Recorded Live Zoom Session March 10, 5:00-6:30 EST: PiezoDN Calibrated Digital Negatives

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Join us on Thursday March 10, 2022 5:00-6:30pm EST for a Live Zoom Session at Cone Editions Press on digital negative production and platinum/cyanotype printing.
  • Piezography Pro digital negative and print ink sets for EPSON printers

  • Image Preparation

  • Calibration Target printing from QTR on Pictorico film

  • Spectrophotometers and Target Measuring

  • PiezoDN Digital Negative Calibration Software

  • Exposure in a verifiedUV™ 7000 uW/cm2 vacuum exposure unit

  • Demonstration of the new low cost verifiedUV™  5000 uW/cm2 contact-frame exposure box

  • Hand and rod coating affect on calibration

  • Dr. Mike Ware’s Simple Cyanotype Method calibration

  • Malde-Ware Ammonium Printing Out Platinum/Palladium calibration

  • Dr. Mike Ware’s New Pt/Pd Clearing Method

  •  Q & A

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    Join us on Thursday March 10, 2022 5:00-6:30pm EST for a  Live Zoom Session at Cone Editions Press. There is a lot to learn in this session that can be unpacked to help you make better digital negatives in your darkroom; no matter what workflow you use or what inks are in your digital negative printer. Calibrating digital negatives is so much more than just the inks and software! It may surprise you.

    In this session we will cover how we produce production digital negatives calibrated to our customers' darkrooms. We will be using Dr. Mike Ware’s Simple Cyanotype chemistry and Pradip Malde & Dr. Ware’s Malde-Ware platinum / palladium chemistry as alternative printmaking process examples. Both of these processes which you will see might change the direction of your own darkroom. But, the emphasis of the workshop is on how we calibrate our digital negatives so that our customers can have us print reliable high-standard film for them that matches images as they see on their displays. If PiezoDN piques your interest, you might consider coming to Vermont to take an in-person workshop with us. And if you like the quality of film we produce, you might prefer to have us make your digital negatives calibrated to your darkroom. 

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