VerifiedUV 365nM LED Super Exposure Systems. 60-90 second Pt/Pd exposure times with 4X option

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VerifiedUV LED Exposure Unit for Alt Process printing.

The best and fastest UV vacuum exposure systems on the planet.

New units are now being manufactured with verifiedUV™ version 2 LEDs with more than 7x the UV irradiance of version 1 LEDs. Platinum print exposures of 60 seconds are common with the 4x option. Prices do not include shipping ($450-$850 to most places in USA) or a crating charge of $200. 30x44 units will have a $400 crating charge. If you prefer to place a deposit, please email us to start your order and get in queue as demand is high.

11x15 unit dimensions 30”L, 24”W, 14”H

16x20 unit dimensions 37”L, 30”W, 14”H

22x30 unit dimensions 46”L, 35.25”W, 14”H

30x44 unit dimensions 59”L, 44”W, 14”H

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  • 365nM UV perfect for platinum/palladium print and many other alternative process

  • offered in three progressively higher irradiance builds:

    • with strips 3mm apart (for the fastest exposure times at 7000 uW/cm2)

    • with strips 11mm apart (half the exposure time at 3500uW/cm2 )

    • with strips 22mm apart (half again the exposure time at 1750 uW/cm2)

  • 3mm apart exposure time for Pt/Pd is in the 1 - 1.5 minute range depending upon density of negative. (Cone Editions Press is exposing Malde-Ware platinum prints from PiezoDN negatives in 63 seconds with outstanding dMax.)

  • the systems run cool at the exposing plane with powered ventilation in and powered ventilation out

  • vacuum draws fast in 3-5 second using our own valve design

  • all aluminum and composite aluminum construction (with the exception of the wood base included with vacuum systems)

  • verifiedUV™ LEDs are the latest generation with a 50,000 hour life and greater than 60% efficiency

  • built only with premium components

  • produces even illumination for exposures from deckle to deckle on the stated sheet size

  • can be configured with an Ian Leake exposure calculator or a timer built into the panel and integrated into the electronic circuit

  • 11x15 Unit Dimensions:  l,w,h  29.75” x 23.75” x 14” (7 inches required behind unit for exposing head to open.)
    16x20 Unit Dimensions:  l,w,h  36.5” x 30” x 14” (7 inches required behind unit for exposing head to open.) 
    22x20 Unit Dimensions:  l,w,h  45.5” x 33” x 14” (7 inches required behind unit for exposing head to open.)
    30x44 Unit Dimensions: l.w.h 59" x 44" x 14"  (7 inches required behind unit for exposing head to open.) Please note that the 4x version of the 30x44 unit requires a 30amp circuit.

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What's Included:
  • If you order a system without vacuum, it comes attached to a wooden base. The LEDs will be 4" above the surface of the wooden base with plenty enough room to slide in your contact frame.

  • If you order a system with a vacuum frame, the vacuum frame is integrated into wooden base with a push to connect hose fitting and a vacuum pump. The LEDs are 4" from the glass of the vacuum frame.

  • If you order a system with an exposure calculator the controls will be integrated into the front panel and the power controller integrated into the electronic circuit of the unit so that the exposure calculator controls the system.

  • The size of the unit refers to sheet size which fits easily into the vacuum frame and is covered in its entirety by the LEDs without fall-off.

  • These units are configured for 115v. We can configure for 230v upon request.

  • 365nM is compatible with most alternative photographic processes.

Exposure Bed Dimensions 11x15 or 16x20 or 22x30 or 30x44
Vacuum Frame Options No Vacuum Frame or Vacuum Frame Included (with Pump)
Speed Base Exposure or 2x Fast or 4x Fast
Exposure Calculator Options No Unit or Integrated Ian Leake Unit or Integrated Timer
Brand VerifiedUV

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