Direct To Plate Intaglio & Photogravure Workshop

Direct to Plate Photopolymer gravure has the potential to allow a new user to make photogravures at the same standard as those practicing the traditional copper based methods. The process as we teach, is not difficult to master. If you have no experience in an etching studio you will gain a huge amount from this workshop. On the other hand, if you've been practicing copper plate photogravure a visit to our workshop can change your life!

Day 1: Necessary Knowledge

A little knowledge goes a long way. A lot of knowledge goes further. The right knowledge is essential to a good start as well as advanced image development. This day is devoted to making sure you step on the correct path.

    1. Introductions of workshop attendees and instructors and viewing attendees portfolios (optional)

    2. Installation of Piezography Professional Toolset Special Gravure Class Edition, Print Tool, Piezography ICC profiles, Piezography Targets, and Documentation onto each workshop participant's laptop.

    3. Connection to the Cone Editions Print Server via network, and connection to pre-calibrated hardware calibration displays to each workshop participant's laptop.

    4. Cone Editions Press studio tour and introductions to support staff. A visit to InkjetMall offices and introduction to the superautomatica coffee maker (Ethiopian Harar medium roast). 

    5. Tour of the Cone Editions Press intaglio studio.

    6. Demonstration of paper preparation, and wet pack paper soaking method.

    7. Lunch break
    8. Demo of the Direct-to-Plate printing workflow, exposure, plate processing, drying, and hardening.
    9. Demonstration of ink mixing, hand wiping, paper calendaring, and pulling a print.
    10. Print drying and flattening.

Today we will demonstrate the entire process to you, after orienting you to the lay of the land. Cone Editions Press is a large studio encompassing several floors and levels. We'll be working in the imaging studio, the inkjet studio, the wet process lab, and the intaglio studio. We'll walk through the entire process today so that you get an initial impression of the procedures you'll be learning the following day.

Day 2: Necessary Practice

I know I can fly! Just a little reminder here and there - but it’s time for less talking and more rocking. Today it’s time to begin printing with the systems on your own.

  1. Supported printers & System Requirements.

  2. Refillable ink cartridge and Piezography Ultra HD™ Matte Black ink. How to include it in your regular color workflow, and how it will benefit your regular color workflow.

  3. Printer drivers and Settings setup.

  4. Direct to plate workflow setup

  5. Setting up Lightroom and or Photoshop.

  6. Preparing Images for printing.

  7. Print to Screen Display and Calibration.

  8. Preliminary imaging instruction and techniques for photogravure.

  9. Saving Images to Print.

  10. Lunch break

  11. Participants will print their saved images directly to plate.

  12. Participants will expose, process, dry and harden their photogravure plates.

  13. Participants will trim and prepare the corners of their plates.

  14. Participants will prepare their own wet packs/

Today participants begin working in the process with supervision.

Day 3: Dig a Little Deeper

Now take what you’ve learned and go forth and make prints!  

  1. Reintroduction to inking and wiping and intaglio press procedures.

  2. Participants will begin printing their own plates.

  3. First run of prints will be put into the flattener.

  4. Lunch break.

  5. Introduction to the Piezography Professional Edition Toolset Gravure Class Edition.

  6. Direct to plate Calibration.

  7. A second round of plates are printed by participants using the calibration, exposed, processed, dried and hardened.

Today it comes together in the form of photogravure prints. And you will learn how to calibrate the process.

Day 4: Workflow & Wrap-up

From Layout to Finish: on this day we finalize a custom tailored workflow for your specific studio needs and art practice. Leave with a "prescription" of items you need to get set up in your home environment.

  1. Participants will print on their own in the intaglio studio.

  2. Second run of prints will be put into the print flattener using a heated air option in order to dry them prior to the end of the workshop.

  3. Back into the classroom for questions and examples and demos to tie loose ends.