Refillable Cartridges for Epson Stylus Photo R3000

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Double capacity refillable cartridge system for Epson R3000 printers, with 8 syringes and gloves.

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This cartridges system marries the best chip on the market with the best cartridge on the market. It is easy to prime and compatible with ConeColor, Piezography, InkThrift, and Epson bottle inks. It may be compatible with other brands of inks. You can use this to repair your printer by filling with PiezoFlush or recovering ink from malfunctioning or prematurely empty Epson cartridges.

Each cartridge holds 60ml of ink. The cartridge contains it's own built-in chip resetter.

When these cartridges are installed in an Epson R3000, they allow the Epson Status Monitor as well as the printer's color LCD screen to accurately report remaining ink levels.

This set comes with eight 60ml syringes with 3" blunt tip needles and a pair of gloves.

updated R3000 warning:

The newer style chip is programmed to automatically reset when the cartridge reads empty in the printer, is removed, refilled with ink, and reinstalled. Upon reinserting the cartridge, the ink level will be reset to full. This style chip can NOT be manually reset.

Warning 1: The new style auto-reset chips may show a “cartridge error” warning when, in fact, they have reset. They may show up as a "cartridge error." Whenever you see an "error" displayed for one of the auto-reset chips, take the cartridge out and TOP OFF the ink level. These chips will "play it safe" by resetting to full when the ink level has only dropped by a small amount. Because of this behavior, it’s possible to think that the chip is simply miss-behaving. Most likely, the chip has reset to full. Again, whenever you see an error on a chip, pull the cartridge and top it off.

Warning 2: If your Photo Black ink reading is very very low on the chip and you switch your printer to Matte Black, you won’t be able to switch back to Photo Black. Normally at this point, Epson would force you to buy a new cartridge. When your Photo Black is reading low, keep printing until it resets, top it off, and then switch to Matte Black!

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What's Included:

You get a set of nine R3000 60ml refillable ink cartridges with built-in chip resetters, 8 syringes with 3" blunt tip needles, priming tips and instructions.


These cartridges are compatible with the printer model they are listed for. You can use these to repair your printer in case your OEM cartridges fail. You can remove the Epson ink from a failed cart and fill these carts and continue printing. You can fill these carts with PiezoFlush in order to attempt to fix your printer. These carts are also compatible with all ConeColor, InkThrift, Piezography, and Epson inks. These carts may be compatible with other ink brands but we can not support them with the use of other ink brands.

Printer Model Stylus Photo R3000
Printer Brand Epson
Product Type Empty Refillable Cartridge(s)
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Brand Vermont PhotoInkjet

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