Ready-to-print photogravure plate from your image

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Ready to Print Green Mountain Photogravure Plate. Includes plate margins if desired, or trimmed to the image. Cone Editions makes the plate with their proprietary process and sends it to you to print it in your intaglio studio! Super high fidelity and long tonal-scale calibrated to make prints that match your display!

If you can prepare an image to the way you like it on screen, then use Cone Editions upload site and select your options for guicker service  here.

Cone Editions Press produces highest-standards, calibrated, photogravure plates from image files that replicate on the intaglio press what artists see on their display. The Cone proprietary process is less expensive, yet is higher-fidelity than the copperplate process. You adjust your image on your display to your satisfaction. Send your image file by secure transfer. Cone Editions produces the photogravure plate and ships it to you to print photogravures in your studio.

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Instead of film positives and exposing screens made of dot patterns, Cone invented a system of gradated shades of UV absorbing inkjet-ink & software that print the image directly to the surface of a photopolymer plate at a higher resolution of 2880 dots per inch. These ten multi-overlapping inkjet-inks produce tens of thousands of gray levels. These gray levels are successively less and less sensitive to UltraViolet light and the plate is successively more and more resistant to being exposed. That's a beautiful marriage of inks and substrate that produces an unusually long and smooth tonal range for photogravure and results in a print that can rival the smoothness of platinum printing.

Detail is incredible. There is significant shadow and highlight definition, both not typical to the medium. A very long tonal range extends from a very good and easy to wipe black to highlights or plate margins that also wipe cleanly. There doesn't appear to be a visible grain if it is not in the image file. In your studio you can ink these plates with either oil-based or water-based intaglio inks. A complete instructions will be sent to you to prepare your image file as well as our suggestions for your intaglio studio workflow once you receive the plate.


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Media Dimensions 8"x10" Sheet or 11"x15" Sheet or 13"x19" Sheet or 16"x20" Sheet or 20"x24" Sheet or 24"x30" Sheet or 31"x42" Sheet
Brand Green Mountain Plates
Media Type Photopolymer Plates

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