Piezography2 / PiezoDN, Special Edition tone, 700ml, Set 8 (matte & glossy)

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Piezography Carbon P2 / PiezoDN ink set for matte and glossy printing on eight ink printers.

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This ink configuration was originally designed for use with eight ink slot printers. These are the 2880, 4800, 4880, 7800/9800, 7880/9880. These printers require a manual black ink change in order to switch from matte black to photo black. The concept behind Piezography2 is that no black ink changes are required. Instead, the selection of the Piezography media profile triggers whether matte black shade 1 or photo black shade 1 ink is used.

How we do Piezography2 is by placing MK in the Black ink slot and place PK in the yellow ink slot. The Piezography media profile selects which black ink to print! There is very little discoverable difference between K7 and K7. So the lightest shade 7 (which normally is placed in the yellow position) is not really missed. In its place you will have the benefit of printing matte and glossy prints without having the delay and ink waste of a black ink change.

In addition to printing both matte and glossy Piezography prints, Piezography2 ink sets can also be used to make digital negatives with the PiezoDN Software system (see below).

So, if you wish to print on matte paper - you simply select the matte P2 curves. If you wish to print on baryta or glossy paper, you select the glossy P2 curves. Baryta and glossy printing requires a second printing of GO using the GO curve. And if you wish to make digital negatives, this ink set can do it. Just refer to our PiezoDN manual.

There is very little visual difference between a K7 and a K6 print when using the Piezography curves. We have very carefully redesigned the K6 curves. If you wish to test this difference before upgrading, you can install the P2 curves and print a P2 matte print which will use shades 1-6 on an existing K7 printer. If it meets your standards (and we believe it will), you can upgrade by purchasing only the Photo Black and the GO. It is most convenient to use new cartridges for these than trying to rinse the old. The GO is very sensitive to stain. It is not advised to use GO without using a new cart.

This set can be used in printers with 11 ink channels in which only 8 ink channels are operable. In this case additional PiezoFlush should be purchased to keep non-operating print head channels from over-heating and affecting adjacent working channels. We offer a Piezography media profile re-mapping service to map out non-operating channels in printers. This allows you to use a printer with permanently clogged channels, or acquire a potentially free printer that is no longer useful to someone printing color.


PiezoDN ink sets are designed for use with the optional PiezoDN software profiling system. PiezoDN ink sets use Photo Black shade 1, and shades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + Gloss Optimizer. If you have an eighth channel available, you can also install Shade 7 and do full-tilt Piezography printing with the same printer. If you have 9 or more ink slots, you can also install Matte Black shade 1 ink for black & white printing on matte papers in addition to glossy and negative printing. On the 1430 and 1500W printers which have only 6 slots, the ink set is limited to negatives. But, by purchasing additional ink cartridges, it is possible to replace the Photo Black with Matte Black for printing on matte paper - and then swap back to Photo Black for printing film. No glossy printing is available on 6 ink printers.

If you are considering a new ink set of making PiezoDN negatives -please look for a PiezoDN compatible ink set. Please do not consider Methodology 1 & 3 ink sets which use shades 2.5 and 4.5. They will have only limited support in PiezoDN moving forward.


Because PiezoDN is built upon the proven ink and curve technology of Piezography, the negatives it produces are capable of making thousands upon thousands of tonal transitions. This system truly matches the tonal breadth of noble-metal arts such as Platinum and Palladium printing.

Because PiezoDN is an inkjet printed negative, you can calibrate it perfectly for any given analogue process and print different negatives on the fly, something not done with more expensive LVT film burners.


We started building PiezoDN only for Palladium and Platinum printing but quickly realized it was capable of so much more. We’ve built base-line curves for Gum, Cyanotype, Salt, Ziatype, and Silver and we aren’t stopping there. Over the next few months and years we hope to build the baseline curves needed for Malde-Ware printout Platinum, gravure, and the list keeps growing! Vermont PhotoInkjet has produced highly pure Platinum and Palladium catalysts that are perfectly suited to the PiezoDN system. Look for these and other Alternative Process supplies here, including papers for hand coating, Pictorico OHP Ultra Premium film, and Kobayashi Japanese coating brushes.


PiezoDN software comes packed with tools for calibrating (linearizing) your own digital negatives. Literally, you can get the same tonal separation in your DARKROOM that you can with Piezography-on-paper.

If Piezography is new to you and you wish to make digital negatives, you will need to download QuadTone RIP and QTR Print Tool (if on OS X). While you will not follow any of the instructions in the QTR manual and documentation, it is imperative that you follow the instructions in the Piezography manual. Piezography uses the QTR engine and a few of its tools. However, the media profiles for making negatives are NOT made with QTR Tools. Therefore, Piezography workflow is quite different from QTR workflow. The Piezography manual and a lot of vital information can be found here.

The following pictures were taken at Maine Media College Historical Process Lab

Roxanne Cottongame and Brenton Hamilton (Chair, Professional Certificate Program in Photography, Maine Media College) with a palladium print from the PiezoDN negative system

Walker Blackwell and an incredible Cyanotype from a PiezoDN digital negative at Maine Media.

These four prints from top left to bottom right are silver fiber print, salt print, cyanotype, palladium print. The image is by Alan Vlach. These were produced in a single day at Maine Media's Historical Process Lab using the new PiezoDN.

What's Included:

You get a set of eight bottles of ink including matte black, photo black, the Gloss Overprint, and shades 2 through 6.


Bottle Size 700mL(s)
Ink Type Pigment
Product Type Bottle Sets (no carts)
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Ink Brand Piezography Special Edition
Gloss or Matte Compatibility Matte and Glossy Printing
Brand Piezography
Piezography Ink Set Configuration Piezography2 (Dual MK and PK)
PiezoDN Digital Negative Compatibility PiezoDN Ready
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