Download Piezography Professional Edition v2

Piezography Professional Edition v2 caps many years of building and studying Piezography curves at Cone Editions Press. This Tool perfects your Piezography system and works with every Piezography ink set available. This tool replaces all of the tools that are found in the original Piezography Professional Edition Toolset up to Version 1.4. Note: Old tools from Version 1 are still included w/ this new software however. They are placed in an “old tools” folder.

Calibrate (linearize) a curve for any given paper or printing condition with Piezography Professional. It works for both ink-on-paper prints and darkroom (PiezoDN) prints. This tool does SO much more than just calibration.

Buying into PPE also gives you access to our Private Piezography forum support. On this forum you get prompt and timely answers to your most complex questions.

Key Features:

  • Piezography Curve Calibration 

  • Monochrome ICC Profile Creation 

  • Dynamic L* Measurement Detection 

  • Any Amount of Patches from 21 to 256 

  • Special 512 and 700 Step Averaging Support 

  • Variable Measurement Smoothing and Boost Smoothing 

  • Falses Detection & Manual Correction 

  • ICC Profiler Data Export 

  • Piezography ICC Profiler App 

  • Piezography Curve Start Points 

  • Channel Curve Smoothing 

  • Variable Ink Limiting 

  • Target Luminance Calibration 

  • Contrast Tweaking 

  • Channel Remapping 

  • Curve Blending 

  • Curve Inversion 

  • Saved Copies

Supported Spectrophotometers:

  1. i1Pro v1

  2. i1Pro v2

  3. i1io v1

  4. i1io v2

  5. DTP70

  6. DTP41-45

  7. iSis v1 (and XL)

  8. iSis v2 (and XL)

  9. ColorMunki

  10. DataColor SpyderPrint

  11. Barbieri

  12. Flatbed scanner

Supported Languages

  • English (original text) 

  • French (translated by hand) 

  • Chinese 

  • Spanish 

  • Portuguese 

  • Russian 

  • Italian 

  • Japanese 

  • Hindi 

  • Arabic 

  • Bengali 

  • Norwegian 

  • Polish 

  • Korean

This includes translated instructions for linearizing and building ICC Profiles as well as translated cell titles and tool notes.

The automated translation is not perfect, but will get better over time. The Language sheet in the PPEv2.0.2 tool will be partially unlocked. The individual text cells that are not English or French can be edited (aside from the Title and Copyright text). All customers are welcome to help in the translation to their native language if they so desire! If you do, please send us your suggestions!

Download 2.2.1 for Mac

Requirements: OS X 10.6 or later, QuadtoneRIP, Piezography Ink, Print-Tool, Piezography Community Edition

DIY Linearization/ICC Requirements: Excel 2011 or later, i1Pro (or equivalent) Spectrophotometer & its required software

Download 2.2.1 for Windows

Requirements: Windows XP or later, QuadtoneRIP + Curve Tools, Piezography Ink, Piezography Community Edition

DIY Linearization/ICC Requirements: Excel 2011 or later, i1Pro (or equivalent) Spectrophotometer & its required software

Are you a PPEv1 customer looking for download? Contact Us and we'll send you the link.


v2.2.1 10/29/2019 – Added 21x16 step target support for ColorPort and i1Profiler (Catalina).

v2.1.1 05/27/2019 ~ Moved images to the Community Edition package. Moved Documentation online (final resting place!!). This made the individual installers less than 25MB and allowed us to make this package available on our new website here for more automated sales and immediate downloads after payment.

v2.1 01/07/2019 ~ Fixed a bug where 6 channel printers got extra non-channel data. Added instructions to “New Curve” sheet to clear up user confusion.

v2.0.9 11/15/2018 ~ Fixed a bug introduced in 2.0.6 that caused a black channel corruption in the new curve.

v2.0.8 11/15/2018 ~ Fixed a bug introduced by 2.0.7 that made curves under 10 channels print all ink at 100%.

v2.0.7 11/13/2018 ~ Added a feature where comments and copyright tags that are under line 1 of the header text of the .quad starting curve are retained. This is important for PPEv2 to work with non-official Piezography curves like those created by QuadtoneProfiler, etc. Further refined small details of the interface. 

v2.0.5 11/09/2018 ~ Added a special 31x9 single-page averaging target for xrite devices to be read using colorport/i1profiler software and interpreted with v2.0.5 of the PPE excel tool. This target is particularly good for people doing their first PiezoDN calibrations of Gum and Cyanotype processes that may have lots of splotches in the highlight area and may also have very uneven tones across the sheet of paper. Added i1Profiler 256step i1io v1 and v2 target support.

v2.0.4 11/09/2018 ~ Re-worked the Input Curve Smoothing algorithm (used to re-constitute a curve that is choppy and banding in the gradients). The new math dramatically improves (and increases) the smoothing throughout the curve while maintaining density transitions from the original curve at the dMax and dMin. This is particularly important when smoothing PiezoDN curves to eliminate gradient banding introduced from non-smoothed measurements in a previous linearization of the curve. Fixed font sizing issues. Fixed a bug that was not selecting all of the “New Curve” data by default. (2.0.3 requires you to click the “C” column header to select all of the New Curve data while 2.0.4 allows for just Command-C as the data is already fully selected).

v2.0.3 10/31/2018 ~ More initial language translations. Updated EULA.

v2.0.2 10/30/2018 ~ Typo fixes and Initial Multi-Language support in the PPE Excel tool for English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Nowegian, Polish, Korean. Note: The initial translation was done with an automated machine intelligence so it’s not perfect at all. The Non-English language cells can be edited if you want to contribute to the multi-language support. French will soon be updated with full translation (by hand).

v2.0.1 10/29/2018 ~ 1pm EST ~ PPEv2 tool was set to 100% blending curve without a blending curve preset. Update to v2.0.1 to fix this. If you don’t want to download again, just go down to the blending settings and set the blending curve to 0%.

v2.0.0 10/29/2018 ~ Updated to v2, available for purchase at Excel is now required. 256 step linearization and ICC profiling are the two big improvements. All the changes are too numerous to name here but a new page with the new features can be viewed at

v1.4 04/20/2017 ~ Updated the Piezography ICC Profile targets to be un-tagged RGB (instead of untragged gray) for better printing through Adobe Color Print Utility (ACPU). Added ColorPort i1Pro RGB ICC targets as well for strip reading with the i1Pro2 (i1Profiler reading requires single step by step of all 600+ patches which can take a very long time).

v1.3 03/01/2017 ~ Added new “Piezography Print Luminance Matching Tool” that enables Piezography to match older legacy B&W printing systems to maintain tonal consistency for already mastered (and flattened) print files going forward. Added Piezography Manual Deluxe Edition 2017.v1 with documentation (text and OS X screenshots) for all of the Piezography Professional Edition Tools.

 v1.2 01/23/2017 ~ Added new “Piezography ICC Tool” that enables true ICC profiling of Piezography with i1Profiler and compatible Xrite spectrophotometer and print-icc licensed version of i1Profiler application. This also enables  OS X printing from Photoshop and/or Lightroom (not just Print-Tool).

 v1.1 ~ Fixed Ink Position documentation in Manual. Debugged Installer.

 v1.0 ~ Finalized OS X Installer and Google applications. * not tested yet on OS X Sierra! DTP41 & DTP45 Spectrophotometer support *ColorPort & Manual update.

v0.9 ~ Updated The Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition

v0.8 ~ Updated The Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition

v0.7 ~ Updated The Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition

v0.6 ~ Updated The Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition with new lin workflow documentation.

v0.5 ~ Added/updated 21,31,51,80,129, and 256 step targets for i1Pro1, i1Pro2, ISISv1, ISISv2, DTP70, Spyder, ColorMunki, and more. Updated documentation.

v0.5 ~ Finished Google Drive 51 and 129 step Error Correction tool.

v0.4 ~ Added Piezography Manual 2016 Deluxe Edition

v0.3 ~ Added 129 step error correction tool.

v0.2 ~ Added 21 Step tool.

v0.1 Beta ~ Added Piezography Curve Adjustment tool.