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UV45 black inkjet film dye ink - 700ml bottle


UV45 black inkjet film dye ink - 700ml bottle

SKU: UV45-700

UV45 black hybrid dye ink for screenprint inkjet film positives. Formulated for use with Epson printers to fully block UV light during exposure. - 700ml bottle.

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Instructions & More Info

How to Use our Bottles

Vermont PhotoInkjet's UV45™ was purposely formulated for screenprint inkjet film positives. Designed for use with Epson printers to fully block UV light during exposure.

UV45 benefits:

  • Made from proprietary dye blended with micro-encapsulated carbon pigment particles to block more light than when using only black dye.
  • Blocks the maximum amount of UV light (up to 4.5 UV density).
  • Can be printed in up to 10 layers.
  • Prints sharper and dries quicker than 100% dye inks.
  • Special polymers added for scratch resistance.
  • Can be printed at 720dpi, 1440dpi, & 2880dpi.
  • Greater UV density allows lower ink limits, better ink economy, and still produces enough UV opacity to burn silkscreens properly.
  • Can exceed 4.5 UV density when used in multiple ink channels, making it one of the most opaque silkscreen film positive inks ever released.
  • Can produce greater than 1.75 UV density or 3.30 Optical density in single channel strength.
  • Compatible with both dye-based and pigment-based Epson printers.

What's Included

You get one bottle of ink.

Product Type Individual Bottles
Ink Type UV45
Brand UV45
Bottle Size 700mL(s)
Color Position or Shade Black

Compatibility Notes

This ink is compatible with all brands of software used for the separation of colors in screen process printing. It is designed to be used in multiple channels and can build a UV density exceeding 4.50. This is the most superior ink for the creation of photo silkscreen film positives.

For alternative process, this ink can develop an optical density of 3.20 in a single channel printing on Pictorico when used with QuadTone RIP. I can be used in continuous tone systems and combined with itself or our other UV strengths to produce complex alternative process film positives.

This ink is compatible with nearly all brands of traditional inkjet coated clear film.

You do not need to use PiezoFlush to flush your printer before installing these inks. The ink can be used to flush out any existing dye or pigment inks. However, it is not compatible with dye sublimation ink which must be flushed thoroughly prior to using this ink.