Epson SureColor P6000 or P8000 UV45 All Channels Black Ink Screen Print Kit

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This kit is designed for professional screen print shops looking to maximize ink load and time between cartridge refills and opacity of black on film. This film printing kit also minimizes ink clogs as the ink is a dye-carbon coupled particle. UV45 black hybrid dye ink is for screen print inkjet film positives. Formulated for use with Epson printers to fully block UV light during exposure. 9 700mL Universal cartridges, 9 Series 1 Chips, 9 700mL UV45 Bottles, priming tip, funnel, and syringe. Chips are one-time-use. Order Individual Series 2 chips on next fill.

The SC-P printer platform requires one-time chips. If you have never used third party refillable cartridges in your printer before, select any of the chip series below that is in-stock to get started. The next time you order a refill, you will want to select a different series chip.

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We are one of the largest Private Label suppliers of multi-channel black ink systems for Epson printers. Now we sell directly to customers!

Vermont PhotoInkjet formulates several all black ink systems ranging in UV absorption from total blockout using a single channel of nano-carbon pigment ink to exceptional UV absorbency using multi-channels of all black dye ink.

We formulate UV45™ for which sells it for printing inkjet screen print film positives. UV45 is a hybrid black ink marrying the print head performance of dye with the UV absorption of carbon.

When used as an all black ink solution in combination with screen print software RIPs such as AccuRip, T-Rip,  FilmMaker, PrintFab, Ergosoft, or PowerRip, UV45 can produce a UV density of 4.5 or greater with just a few channels of ink. A density that dark is considered to be overkill for all of the sensitizers used in photo silkscreen.

UV45 is designed to print razor sharp and dry quickly to a scratch resistant surface. You can use it with equal success in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ink channel printers. It is compatible with both Epson dye print heads and Epson pigment print heads.

UV45 is now available for the Epson 1430, 1400, 1500, XP-15000, P400, P600, P800, P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000, R2880, R3000, 3800, 3880, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9800, 9880, 9890, and 9900 printers.

UV45 Kits are sold separate from any compatible software RIP systems. It's key to research RIP solutions to verify that they do indeed allow for ALL CHANNELS to print with Black Ink. PrintFab is the only verified RIP to support all of the printers listed above. 

*According to Epson, SureColor printers are designed to "work only with Epson brand carts". USA and EU regions SureColor printers share the same chips. The same holds true for Asia region models requiring Asia region chips. USA P800 requires use of a decoder board or Chipless Solution firmware. InkjetMall begins selling P6000-P9000 carts Oct 2018.

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What's Included:

9 700mL Universal cartridges, 9 Series 1 Chips, 9 700mL UV45 Bottles, priming tip, funnel, and syringe. Chips are one-time-use. Order Series 2 on next fill.


Epson SureColor SC-P6000 and SC-P8000 Printers

Printer Model SureColor P6000 or SureColor P8000
Chip Series Number Series #1 or Series #2 or Series #3 or Series #4 or Series #5 or Series #6 or Series #7 or Series #8
Printer Brand Epson
Ink Type Dye
Product Type Full Kits (everything)
Ink Brand UV45
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Bottle Size 1 Gallon
Brand UV45

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