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The Green Mountain Plate is a highest standards photopolymer plate for reliable and professional acid-free etching and acid-free photogravure printmaking. It is the largest available plate suitable for highest resolution photogravure printmaking. It also has the highest tonal sensitivity making it suitable for use with a variety of workflows which include OEM ink solutions, and 2880 dpi printing, and the use of light black inks. The Green Mountain Plate is about 10-15 times slower in exposure than a Jet / Toyoba plate and the benefits of this are higher sensitivity to grayscale information whether it is a continuous tone film or lighter shades of inkjet ink for direct-to-plate printing. And it also makes it much less prone to fogging and allows the use of dim lighting for loading into printers for those who use the direct to plate method.

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A new "solar plate" arrives!

The Green Mountain Plate shares only limited similarities with other "solar plates". It exposes with UV and washes out with tap water. The Green Mountain Plate is a much higher resolution plate. It can produce dots as small as 20μm, and it has a wider tonal latitude that can reproduce 1%-99% screening at 200lpi. Its photopolymer features a light reactive color change during exposure to aid the user in finding optimum exposure time. The benefit of this can not be overstated for those needing to find optimum exposure time. Its peak sensitivity is 365nM making it 100% compatible with our verifiedUV 365nM LEDs.

Because the Green Mountain Plate is designed for higher fidelity printing it has a much slower speed that requires longer exposures so that dots of varying depth can be exposed.

Some Highlights:

  • Low-Speed / High Resolution photogravure plates
  • Thick 0.95mm steel backed plate
  • Higher fidelity than competing plates
  • Can be used for direct to print or film/screen methods
  • Produces the ideal dot structure (V) for fine photogravure
  • Produces sharper dots with lighter opacity inks and perfect for Direct to Plate
  • Less UV sensitivity permits multi-shaded inks for direct to plate printing.
  • A color changing embedded dye during exposure converts the plate from greenish to near yellow to aid minimum exposure time calculation.
  • The "measles problem" does not exist with this plate.
  • Develops in 70 degree water just like competing products

Perfect for Direct-to-Print platemaking

One of the exciting benefits of this sensitivity is that the plate is more conducive to direct to print methods using lighter shades of inkjet ink. The resolution capabilities of multi-ink direct to print are much higher than when using film. Further, the chemistry of the photopolymer is conducive to aqueous based inkjet inks permitting ordinary inkjet printers to be used to print the positive image (or a negative image for relief print) directly onto the plate. 

These plates work exceptionally well with our UltraHD Matte Black rendering 2880dpi, but also work well with ordinary EPSON inks. The sensitivity of the Green Mountain plates permits light shades of ink to be used when direct to plate method is used. This permits dotless printing to be achieved provided the user can control the calibration of the process using a black, light black, and light light black ink. The potential of this plate is tremendous in terms of photogravure.

Perfect for Film based platemaking

Still, the plate also produces sharper dots when exposed with film, its primary purpose. The Green Mountain Plate’s proprietary PVA photopolymer layer can not produce “measles” nor is it prone to surface striations. While expensive, it can be exposed reliably, and the reduction in unusable or less desirable standards plates should offset its higher costs.

It is non-toxic and requires no special handling, chemicals, nor waste disposal.

  • Thickness: 0.95mm (0.037 in)
  • Face Relief: 0.68mm (0.027 in)
  • Substrate: .0.27mm - Steel Base
  • Durometer: 65° Shore D Hardness
Surface Texture: Matte
  • Halftone Resolution: 200lpi@1~99%
  • Smallest dot: 20μm
  • Peak Sensitivity: 365nM
  • Exposure: Minimum hardness produces color change prior to washout, or use Stouffer 21 step to 15-17
  • Washout Time: 2.5-3.5 minutes
  • Water Temp: 68-75ƒ
  • Drying Temperature: 120-145ƒ 10-15 minutes
  • Post Exposure: Twice as long as Initial Exposure
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What's Included:

Based on your selection above, you get a package of 10, 8, or 4 plates at the size you chose. Each plate is slip sheeted. The package of plates is corner-taped and wrapped in UV protective poly, and triple-core cardboard protected.


Compatible with all processes that Jet and Toyoba plates are compatible with including solar etching, two-step exposure, Direct to Plate printing, and relief print.  It can be printed with both water-wash and oil based inks.

This plate is much higher in resolution than competing plates and has a lower sensitivity to exposure as a result of increased fidelity and resolution. Adjust your exposure until the plate turns from its native green color to a golden yellow color.

Media Dimensions 8"x10" Sheet or 10"x15" Sheet or 15"x20" Sheet or 31"x42" Sheet
Package Quantity 4 Pack or 8 Pack or 10 Pack
Brand Green Mountain Plates
Media Type Photopolymer Plates

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