Epson XP-15000 All Black Ink Set for Screenprint Film Positives

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An All Black Ink set for printing Silkscreen film separations compatible with the North American region Epson Expression HD XP15000 printer.
  • VPI specially formulated Opaque Dye Ink for Film Production

  • Uses the low-cost XP-15000 Printer Platform

  • Superior Media Handling Compared to Canon

  • New Fast-drying Dye Formulation

  • Great for T-shirts and Small Run Graphics

  • Large # of Films per Ink Set

  • Compatible with PrintFab RIP for MacOS/Windows 
    and now AccuRIP Ruby

  • EPSON pushes upgrades to this printer to prevent its use with 3rd Party Cartridges. If your opted in for automatic updates it is doubtful your printer will work without this solution.

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This All Black Ink solution for the Epson XP15000 printer provides a UV density of 4.5 or greater with just a few channels of ink. A density that dark is considered to be overkill for all of the sensitizers used in photo silkscreen. But the greater an ink’s UV density, the more ink economy when outputting inkjet film! Dial back the ink to just produce enough UV blocking to burn silkscreens properly and save on your ink costs. Reducing ink load can further increase sharpness of dot. 

We have not been this excited since Epson came out with the sub $300 Epson Artisan 1430. We're actually much more excited, because the build of the new HD XP-15000 is much better than the Artisan 1430. It is not actually a replacement for the 1430. It's its own new thang...

This kit features six easily replaceable ink cartridges, but with an improved ink delivery system. Our customers will be able to easily switch between using the Epson inks and our all black inks - making it a one printer does all! The XP-15000 offers 13" wide media size with an improved paper/film transport system that is precise enough to allow for 5760dpi by 2880 printing.

Vermont PhotoInkjet's UV45™ was purposely formulated for screenprint inkjet film positives. Designed for use with Epson printers to fully block UV light during exposure.

UV45 benefits:

  • Made from proprietary dye blended with micro-encapsulated carbon pigment particles to block more light than when using only black dye.

  • Blocks the maximum amount of UV light.

  • Prints sharper and dries quicker than 100% dye inks.

  • Special polymers added for scratch resistance.

  • Can be printed at 720dpi, 1440dpi, & 2880dpi.

  • Greater UV density allows lower ink limits, better ink economy, and still produces enough UV opacity to burn silkscreens properly.

  • Can exceed 4.5 UV density when used in multiple ink channels, making it one of the most opaque silkscreen film positive inks ever released.

  • Can produce greater than 1.75 UV density or 3.30 Optical density in single channel strength.

  • Compatible with both dye-based and pigment-based Epson printers.

What's Included:

Set of 6 pre-filled all black ink tanks with chip ID generating processors. 

Designed ONLY for North American region Epson XP-15000 printers.


Compatible only with North American region Epson XP-15000 printers. Not certain if your printer purchased in North American is a bonafide Regional printer? Check your serial number at the Epson warranty site.  Sometimes the large online resellers sell gray market Epson printers! Best to check yours is designed for USA and Canada!

Printer Model XP-15000
Product Type Full Kits (everything)
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Ink Brand UV45
Brand ScreenPrint.tech
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