ConeColor Pro ink, 350ml, UltraHD™ Matte Black


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ConeColor Pro UltraHD™ matte black ink is the darkest pure carbon matte black ink that has ever been formulated for use in photo inkjet printers. 220ml
  • Darkest matte black ink on Earth. Available exclusively from InkjetMall!

  • 100% pure carbon black ink for unprecedented longevity.

  • Opaque enough for 2880 dpi direct-to-plate photopolymer printing

  • Increased dMax up to a full stop.

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ConeColor Pro Ultra HD™ matte black ink is the darkest pure carbon matte black ink that has ever been formulated for use in photo inkjet printers. All three of the major OEMs (Canon, Epson, and HP) have recently released new and improved matte black inks. Ultra HD™ is measurably darker than them. More importantly, Ultra HD™ is visually darker than them. We're not just talking small numbers. There is a real visual difference that can benefit your work. We raised the bar with this ink - and we raised it quite high. Ultra HD™ is darker than the OEMs but is formulated only to work in Epson printers. ConeColor Ultra HD™ Matte Black is backwards compatible and can be used in all Epson printers that are designed for pigment or which we sell pigment inks for.

We measured the new Ultra HD™ and Epson SureColor HD matte black inks to compare them by printing and drying a single channel of ink using the same printer and the same standard settings in QTR Calibration mode. This way we compared apples to apples, or carbon to carbon. ConeColor Ultra HD™ Matte Black produces a dMax of 1.82 on Epson Hot Press Bright White and Natural White paper. By comparison, Epson's newest SureColor P-800 HD Matte Black produces a dMax of only 1.74 on the same papers. If you know your dMax - that's quite a difference!

What you can expect in color printing with this ink is a huge upgrade to your older Epson printer. A 3800 or 3880 running Ultra HD™ will produce better dMax than if you were to upgrade to the P-800 printer. Install this in even older printers and the effect is stunning. If you print for pay, your clients are going to love you. And if you produce your own work, you're going to be really happy.

First a little about the technology. Acquiring carbon this dark and processing it to make it suitable for ink formulation are both very expensive. It's too expensive for an OEM to profit from. An OEM would need to more than quadruple their ink prices in order to satisfy their profit philosophies. We don't expect that they will be able to match our efforts unless carbon that is this dark becomes significantly less expensive in the future.

ConeColor Pro inks are widely considered to be the best performing 3rd party inks on the market today - and directly comparable to the OEM in both reliability and color. These inks have been sold and updated since 2007 and have a solid reputation built on satisfied user experience.

About ConeColor Pro

ConeColor Pro inks are widely considered to be the best performing 3rd party inks on the market today. They are directly comparable to the OEM in both reliability and color. These inks have been sold and updated since 2007 and have a solid reputation built on satisfied user experience.

One of the most important benefits of ConeColor Pro ink is that it is made with a micro-encapsulated pigment particle. It is the only 3rd party ink that has achieved this milestone. Vermont PhotoInkjet joins Epson and HP at this standard of chemistry and formulation. Each ConeColor Pro pigment particle is encapsulated in a micro-thin coatings of acrylic co-polymer that insulates the static charge so that ConeColor pigments can not attract one another, can not clump together, and therefore can not clog your print heads. Encapsulation is quite different from "resin" formulas produced by other 3rd party ink companies. ConeColor is a premium pigment product developed upon the same pigment technology of our world famous Piezography B&W inks.

It is not necessary to flush out Epson inks before installing ConeColor inks. The two ink formulations are compatible with each other. Further, it is possible to change out one color position at a time. You will not need to waste any of the OEM inks in order to transition to ConeColor Pro.

Although most users can simply slip ConeColor Pro into their existing Epson media workflow using Epson ICC profiles, we also support this color ink system with the biggest 3rd party media ICC profile library ever!

Our latest update includes a new High Density Photo Black to match the glossiness and dMax of the new OEM SureColor HD-PK. The second new black we have introduced is the darkest matte black carbon ink offered by any company in the world. The new ConeColor Pro Ultra HD™ is significantly darker than Epson's newest HD Matte Black and has set a new level for dMax. It is backwards compatible. These two blacks are sold as options individually, or marked in sets. We are still selling our original Matte and Photo Blacks for those who are not seeking increased dMax (darkness) in their prints.

By using these two new optional blacks, you can get deeper photo blacks and increased shadow color gamut - and without having to upgrade your perfectly good equipment to the new SureColor printers (which have strong anti-3rd party chip technology in the North American versions of the P800, P6000, P7000, P8000 and P9000.

You can dramatically lower your ink costs and do your part in reducing dependency on toxic manufacturing materials and landfill use. ConeColor Pro inks are sold only for use in ReUsable cartridges which you can refill and reuse many times. There are several sources of estimates on the amount of printer cartridges being discarded into landfill each year. Some sources put that figure at more than 650 million printer cartridges around the world, with 450 million being discarded in the USA alone. The amount is increasing annually. The value of the printer cart market is estimated in the tens of billions of dollars. It is not difficult to estimate the impact on our environment when this amount of material which is purchased, is simply thrown away. The present inkjet consumables market is designed to encourage a tremendous amount of stuff heading out to landfill.

Being green is a universal concept. Every individual can have the choice of leaving a small footprint on this Earth if they are given the correct choice of products, or if they choose the correct products. The most powerful source is the customer, and when the customer begins questioning how their consumables are packaged, that question works its way up stream to effect powerful changes.

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What's Included:

You get one bottle of ink containing 350ml.


Increases the dMax of OEM or ConeColor Pro ink sets with the Epson R2400, R2880, R3000, 3800, 3880, 4000, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7600/9600, 7700/9700, 7800/9800, 7880/9800, 7890/9890, 7900/9900.

Color compatible with and increases the dMax of the Epson SureColor P-600, P-800, P-5000, P-6000, P-7000, P-8000, P-9000, P-10000, P-20000. (Please read Epson SureColor P-series printer 3rd party cartridge prevention scheme which only affects USA models by clicking here.)

ConeColor inks are compatible with OEM inks. You do not need to flush your printer prior to installing ConeColor.

You can allow the ConeColor to simply push the OEM ink out in the course of printing.

ConeColor ink is compatible with all media that the OEM ink is compatible with.

Bottle Size 350mL(s)
Ink Type Pigment
Product Type Individual Bottles
Color Position or Shade Ultra HD™ Matte Black
Ink Brand ConeColor Pro
Brand ConeColor