Artisan 1430 - Piezography Special Edition K6 system

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Piezography Special Edition K6 ink set for matte printing. This kit includes the new Ultra HD™ matte black for up to 1.84 optical density, a set of the new Vermont PhotoInkjet 1430 refillable carts and a chip resetter. Click on detailed description for more information.
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We're including a set of refillable cartridges for the Epson 1430 and 1500W printers (these both use Epson model 79 cartridges.) We also include a chip resetter so you can refill the carts when you want to. The new Community Edition or Piezography has new media profiles for the extended dynamic range of the included Ultra HD™ matte black ink. This system is for those who want to make fine art matte black & white photographs at a level at which no other system, or OEM can reach. Entry level price, but not entry level results.

Never heard of Piezography?

Set 6 (HD matte only) is a Piezography ink set for printers with 6 ink positions where only matte printing is desired. These printers include the Epson 1400, 1430, and 1500W. The entire ink set is dedicated to matte printing. It includes the matte black shade 1, and shades 2-6.

However, this set includes the new Ultra HD™ Matte Black that increases dMax to the highest in the entire industry. Epson MK and regular Piezography MK can reach no more than 1.64 on the highest quality media. Piezography Pro Ultra HD™ is a new generation of nano-carbon black ink that can reach 1.84 for nearly a full stop increase in dynamic range!

Because the 1430 is so inexpensive, and the results of this ink set are so amazing - this is one of our most exciting Piezography releases. Ultra HD™ matte black is crazy dark. It is the darkest matte black ink offered by anyone and this includes all OEMs and all other 3rd party suppliers. You will not have seen matte black & white photographs with this level of dMax.

This is a new ink set for the 1430 family of 6 ink printers that we are releasing at the end of 2017. We have fully profiled these printers and the new profiles that include the Ultra HD are now in the Commuity Edition of Piezography software which you can download here. Further, we have included Master Curves for this ink/printer combo which means that you can purchase Piezography Professional Edition software to make your own media curves.

Specifications for Artisan 1430 - Piezography Special Edition K6 system

Printer 1430 or 1400 or 1500W
Product Type Full Kits (everything)
Ink Type Piezography Special Edition
Bottle Size 60mL(s)
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Gloss or Matte Compatibility Matte Printing Only
Brand Piezography
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