Warehouse moving notice!

On Feb 8, we began relocating our warehouse from Virginia Beach, VA to Burlington, VT for a whole lot of reasons mostly beyond our control. That move is now complete. We're in a much better space and we hope to resume same day shipments shortly.  On Monday, March 7 we begin shipping again, but on the basis of first shipping out the orders that have piled up during the time since Feb 8.

Update (March 7, 2022): We begin shipping our back log of received orders from our new warehouse!

Update (Feb 25, 2022): Our inventory has arrived at our new warehouse! Stay tuned!

Update (Feb 08, 2022): We are committed to stocking PiezoFlush bottles and Small and Large format kits (no cartridges) sooner than when the rest of our products arrive from Virginia.

We strongly advise you to order NOW to ensure you are first in the ship-queue when we resume shipments. There will be a long queue.

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