PiezoDN, Digital Negative System Course

PiezoDN, Digital Negative System Course

In this online course we cover the fundamentals of Piezography Digital Negative Printing from the very start through advanced techniques. After taking this course you will be able to calibrate your negative system perfectly for any analogue print environment. This course also teaches best-practice techniques for digital and analogue studio setup and printer maintenance.

300.0 USD 300.00
Last Update 08/11/2020
Completion Time 11 hours 49 minutes
Members 4
  • Introduction
  • Digital Darkroom Setup (in progress!)
    • Photoshop, Lightroom, Print-Tool Setup for PiezoDN
    • QTRgui (Windows) Setup for Digital Negatives
    • Pictorico Inkjet Film
    • Printer Setup and Head Alignment and Maintenance for Digital Negatives
  • Analogue Darkroom Setup (coming soon!)
    • The Dry Side: Humidity, Temperature, Light, and Dust)
    • The Wet Side: Sinks, Mixers, Chemicals, and Trays
  • Calibrating PiezoDN (coming soon!)
    • Introduction to Piezography Professional/PiezoDN Edition
    • Working with Spectrophotometers
    • Finding the Correct Starting Curve
    • Doing your first Limit/Calibration
    • Perfectly Calibrating for any medium
    • Controlling Digital and Analogue Variables over Time
  • Imaging for the Darkroom 101 (coming soon!)
    • The Piezography Linear Soft Proof Workflow vs Piezography ICC Workflow for Digital
    • How to view and evaluate alt-process prints in the digital environment.
    • Imaging considerations for various Media
  • Printing with PiezoDN after Calibration (coming soon!)
    • Printing from Photoshop, Lightroom, and Print-Tool on a Mac
    • Printing from QTR-GUI on a PC
  • Handling Negatives & Prints (coming soon!)
    • Drying and Storage of Digital Negatives
    • Evaluating the Alt-process prints in a digital environment.
  • Post-Course Goodies (coming soon!)
    • Advanced Techniques (multi-negative printing)
    • Where to find ongoing Support - Further Resources