What are Alternative Process Papers?
Rev 03/31/2016


Alternative Process refers to what were the historical traditional processes in Photography prior to the standardization of darkroom silver print. They include but are not limited to Platinum / Palladium printing (which is considered to be the highest standard in photographic printmaking), Carbon Print process (uses sensitized carbon gelatin tissue), Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype, Salt Print, Bromoil, Van Dyke, and Photogravure. These processes require the use of a printmaking paper and are usually produced by contact exposure with a negative or film positive with a sensitized emulsion that is applied to the paper or transferred to it.

Why InkjetMall carries these papers is because we are the exclusive distributor of the Piezography Digital Negative system. Our customers who make digital negatives require a supply of these papers.

These papers are very difficult to produce today. The requirements of Platinum / Palladium Print (for example) require a sheet of absolute purity. The water used in the formation of the sheet can not be exposed to metal or mineral deposits because the presence of these impurities in the paper will produce spots in the finished print. Therefore, only certain batches of paper are validated to work flawlessly with Platinum / Palladium Print, while lesser quality batches of these same papers are suitable for other Alternative Process. We will always indicate which papers are "perfect" for Platinum / Palladium printing.

Obviously, these papers are not suitable for inkjet because the coating that is a standard for fine inkjet printing would make these papers unsuitable for Alternative Process.

The papers we are currently distributing are:


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