PiezoFlush is a very strong cleaner – yet is safe enough for long term storage. It can be used in a wide variety of ways that benefit users. One of the most frequent uses of PiezoFlush is for flushing out pigment ink from the inside of large format printers so that the printers can be shut down for weeks or months. Universities and colleges use our system. One set of carts can be used to flush out a number of printers that share the same cartridge size.

One of its strengths is that it can permeate and resolubize dried pigment matter. So, it can be used to clean the surface of print heads as well as the internals of ink systems such as print-head ink channels, dampers, and ink lines. Our best selling systems are for the EPSON 4900, 7900 and 9900 printers which seem to be plagued by permanent ink clogs when used with the OEM inks. We have a high success rate! And for those whom are unable to recover ink channels in these printers, we can map the bad channels out and customize Piezography B&W systems with as little as 6 working ink channels. (just a fall-back idea if you can't recover your X900 color printer!)

We do sell a desktop system in which the PiezoFlush is injected carefully into the print head with a special fitting and syringe. There’s a video on how we do this at the bottom of this page. You can find the desktop cleaning kit by clicking here.

We sell a preventative maintenance kit for large format printers which is not intended to repair internal clogs. Rather it is designed for using twice a year as a routine maintenance of the print head, the cleaning and flush boxes, and the wiper blade. However, if a print head clog is external to the surface of the print head or as a result of dirty clean stations it may be affective. You can find that by clicking here.

For large format printers that have truly clogged print heads - PiezoFlush must be introduced into the print head via refillable cartridges. Older generation printers (pre-7890/9890 and pre-R3000, 4900/7900/9900) have Power Clean functions in which three of these cycles will clear out the ink and replace it with PiezoFlush. That is how PiezoFlush cab be introduced into the previous generation of printers.

However, the 7890/, R3000, 4900/7900/9900 and SureColor printers do not have a Power Clean and using Powerful Paired Cleanings can be harmful to the print head if used excessively. To introduce PiezoFlush into these printers requires the maintenance mode Initial Ink Charge often know as the Initial Ink Fill. With some models this is available on the service mode menu at the LCD panel. With some printers this is only available with the Windows only EPSON Utility Adjustment Service software. Initial Ink Fill instructions can be found for legacy printer models by clicking here and for the SureColor P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000 by clicking here.

Once the PiezoFlush is introduced to the print head, dampers and ink lines it should be allowed to rest/work for 48 hours. The printer can be turned off. After 48 hours turn the printer on and repeat the Initial Ink Fill to suck out any re-solubilized materials. At that point you can perform a nozzle check. If progress is made – repeat regular head cleanings. It not, it is possible to repeat the Initial Ink Charge and allow the printer to rest in it for a week or more. In this way, we have recovered large format Epson printers that have been given to us as "lost causes".

Because PiezoFlush is stained pink you can check your progress by printing nozzle check tests.


For most desktop printers in which ink cartridges are mounted directly on the print head (you can tell if the cartridges move back and forth with the print head while it prints) we offer a small format cleaning kit. You can see how that works just below.