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New Version! The Piezography Professional Edition Toolset v2 (PPE2) for linearizing and customizing Piezography curves. Includes free updates for one year.

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Note: If you purchased Version 1 after Nov 1, 2017 your licensing has already been upgraded. Please login at the Piezography website to download this new Version. If you purchased Version 1 prior to Nov 1, 2017 you can purchase this upgrade here.

Piezography Professional Edition v2 caps many years of building and studying Piezography curves at Cone Editions Press. This Tool perfects your Piezography system and works with every Piezography ink set available. This tool replaces all of the tools that are found in the original Piezography Professional Edition Toolset up to Version 1.4. Note: Old tools from Version 1 are still included w/ this new software however. They are placed in an “old tools” folder.

Calibrate (linearize) a curve for any given paper or printing condition with Piezography Professional. It works for both ink-on-paper prints and darkroom (PiezoDN) prints. This tool does SO much more than just calibration.

Buying into PPE also gives you access to our Private Piezography forum support. On this forum you get prompt and timely answers to your most complex questions.

Key Features:

  • Piezography Curve Calibration
  • Monochrome ICC Profile Creation
  • Dynamic L* Measurement Detection
  • Any Amount of Patches from 21 to 256
  • Special 512 and 700 Step Averaging Support
  • Variable Measurement Smoothing and Boost Smoothing
  • Falses Detection & Manual Correction
  • ICC Profiler Data Export
  • Piezography ICC Profiler App
  • Piezography Curve Start Points
  • Channel Curve Smoothing
  • Variable Ink Limiting
  • Target Luminance Calibration
  • Contrast Tweaking
  • Channel Remapping
  • Curve Blending
  • Curve Inversion
  • Saved Copies

Supported Spectrophotometers:

  • i1Pro v1
  • i1Pro v2
  • i1Pro v3 (not Plus)
  • i1io v1
  • i1io v2
  • DTP70
  • DTP41-45
  • iSis v1 (and XL)
  • iSis v2 (and XL)
  • ColorMunki
  • DataColor SpyderPrint
  • Barbieri
  • Flatbed scanner


Windows or Mac, 3gb Ram, Excel 2014 or later, QuadtoneRIP, 4gb Hard Drive space, Internet connection, Spectrophotometer or other measurement device, Piezography Ink & Printer.

Check out all the tutorials for this new toolset at Piezography.com

Supported Languages

English (original text)
French (translated by hand)

This includes translated instructions for linearizing and building ICC Profiles as well as translated cell titles and tool notes.

The automated translation is not perfect, but will get better over time. The Language sheet in the PPEv2.0.2 tool will be partially unlocked. The individual text cells that are not English or French can be edited (aside from the Title and Copyright text). All customers are welcome to help in the translation to their native language if they so desire! If you do, please send us your suggestions!

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What's Included:

You get a one-year license to download an installer package that includes tools for customizing or linearizing Piezography curves. Read Compatibility to fully understand this product and what else is required (Piezography inks, QTR, QTR Print Tool) on supported printer models and Operating Systems.

If you have not already licensed QuadTone RIP and QTR PrintTool, both are available for purchase directly at the QuadToneRIP.com website.

You can renew your license annually. If you do not renew your license, you will not be able to access the online linearization tools and user support forum, but you will still be able to use the downloaded software tools.


Is compatible only with Piezography K7, K6, P2, and Pro curves.

The system requires a Google account because the linearization tools are accessed via Google. Therefore it you need an internet connection to use the tool set.


Mac: OS X 10.6 or later, QuadtoneRIP, QTR Print-Tool, Piezography Ink
DIY Lineariztion Requirements: Excel 2011 or later, i1Pro (or equivalent such as ColorMunki, Spyder) Spectrophotometer & its required software, Google Account

Windows: Windows XP or later, QuadtoneRIP + Curve Tools, Piezography Ink
DIY Lineariztion Requirements: Excel 2011 or later, i1Pro (or equivalent) Spectrophotometer & its required software, Google Account

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