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Jon Cone

Helping you to help us to help you!  Technical support is a two-way street. How we do it here at InkjetMall is online through our technical support system. Every communication between us is stored on our system and gets associated with both the product and your customer file.

When you ask for help with our products and do not provide a very detailed account, we can look up the items you purchased and get a general idea from what you wrote. Usually, we need to ask you some detailed questions in order to understand enough to solve the issue. This information then help us to help others who may have similar issues.

So if you do need help and do not want unnecessary delays, try to give us as much info as possible. Some suggestions on how to use our tech form and what you can do and what we hope you don’t do. A Don’t would be: “Help my cart won’t work!”  We are definitely going to have to ask you questions and a lot of valuable time for us both will get wasted.  A Do would be: “I have the Epson 9800 printer. I’ve been replacing one position at a time with ConeColor as my Epson ink runs out. I’ve replaced four positions and they’ve all worked perfectly. On the LK position that I’m just replacing, I was able to fill my cart correctly and install it, but the error message says Cart Not Recognized. I checked to make sure that I have the correct cart installed in the slot. I also checked to make sure the chip was not missing off the cart. The instructions said I do not have to reset a new cart. I tried anyway and it didn’t help.. Can you help me?”  These are actual questions to the same problem. It took two days to solve the Don’t (mostly do to email delays and questions) and we were able to solve the Do with our first response.

About 75% of technical support comes from customers not reading our instructions. We realize that almost no one today reads instructions. But, we put a lot of work into ours and they are very detailed. If they get thrown away you can easily get an online copy for reading or print. Each of our items has a click for tons of info link which you can click.

When you click this, it opens up the product page which has Customer Reviews, Detailed Description, What’s Included, Compatibility, Technology, Related Items, and Instructions. If video instructions are available, you will see the link.


If you do not want to search for your product, we have assembled all of the instruction manuals in one location which you can get to from the Tech Products & Support tab of the Inkjetmall web site by hovering your mouse cursor over the Tech Products & Support tab and then hovering down to and clicking on Instruction Manuals. It is the item just above Video Instruction. You can click on that, too.

You can then click on any manual to download the pdf for reading or printing.

Piezography gets its own section on the website. Here we put a lot of information. You can hover over the Piezography BW Inks tab and then hover down to and click on How To Use & Get Answers. This opens a page full of information which you can browse.

Reading our instructions solves 75% of our technical support issues and frees us up quicker to allow us to get the other 25% resolved. It’s really important to us that you’re happy with our products. We manufacture the majority of our products ourselves. We try to make clear and concise instructions. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve them.

Jon Cone
6 marzo, 2012
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