Refillable desktop cartridges offer creative possibilities
26 novembre, 2010 par
Refillable desktop cartridges offer creative possibilities
Jon Cone

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Refillable cartridges for Epson 1400, 800/1800, 1900, 2200/2100, 2400 and 2880 printers can be filled with your choice of Piezography and ConeColor inks. We’re packaging them together with inks into sets as well as selling them individually. But, there is no reason why you can’t buy several sets of these cartridges and fill them with several different inks. This is the first product that we have ever sold that opens up creative printmaking to so many users. Some of these ideas are…

  • Fill up a set of ConeColor cartridges, and a set of Piezography cartridges. There is no need to use flushing cartridges when switching between the two because the automated clean cycles of Epson printers more than rid the print head of its contents.
  • Another possibility is to uses these cartridges to try blending different ratios of the different Piezography ink sets. For example, as long as a Shade 3 is mixed with another Shade 3, they can be combined in any ratio and still use the same Piezography K7 curve. The concept around Piezography ink blending is to only mix together inks of the same shade. You can blend your own custom inkset. Piezography Special Edition is a blended inkset made by Jon Cone and is reminiscent of the type of Piezography printing Cone did for the giant Ashes and Snow museum expeditions in Tokyo and Mexico City.
  • With two sets of Piezography inks (like Sepia and Neutral, or Sepia and Selenium) it’s possible to make a SplitTone set from the two, that is used in two ways. By example a full set of Sepia carts and a full set of Selenium carts allows a Sepia/Selenium SplitTone or a Selenium/Sepia SplitTone. The split is caused by using one set of carts in the shades 2,3,4 and the other in shades 5,6,7. The black is common between them. Our favorite is to have Sepia highlights and Selenium shadows.
  • Fill up a set with PiezoFlush. PiezoFlush is unique amongst cleaning fluids because it is designed not only to be the most solvent possible, but also offer the safest long-term contact with your print heads. PiezoFlush is the best storage-fluid being sold today. If you leave your printer for more than three weeks, you really should install flush carts and allow the heads to clean themselves. Then turn the printer off. If you’re going to be gone for months, we recommend wrapping and sealing your printer in plastic with the flush carts installed.

We ship a set of cartridges with a complete set of syringes. We think its easier to have eight syringes when you have eight cartridges. Our reason is because we like to do all of our filling at once. Then we wash and clean all our syringes at once and let them drip dry on paper towels. Our needles are special slip-on blunts for safety.

Refillable cartridges are easily filled and refilled.

Refillable cartridges are easily filled and refilled.

Empty refillables for the 1400 with syringes $24.84

Empty refillables for the 800/1800 with syringes $29.99

Empty refillables for the 1900 with syringes $29.84

Empty refillables for the 2200/2100 with syringes $29.99

Empty refillables for the 2400 with syringes $29.99

Empty refillables for the 2880 with syringes $34.99


Refillable desktop cartridges offer creative possibilities
Jon Cone
26 novembre, 2010
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