New Desktop Cartridge Design
25 juin, 2017 par
New Desktop Cartridge Design
Jon Cone



Say hello to the newly designed InkjetMall ReUsable desktop inkjet cartridge. This is our first new cartridge design in several years. Many of the modifications are inconspicuous, but will add many benefits to your experience. Freshly moulded and minted, these carts will be available for purchase in about one week. They are on the way to our fulfillment warehouse and currently show up as “backorder”. But, they are available to pre-order.

Checkout that rigid plastic cartridge lock. It’s extremely strong and will keep this cartridge firmly in place in your printer preventing the cartridge from misaligning with the chip reader. It will also avoid premature ink draining by remaining firmly planted onto the ink cartridge stem over each ink channel.

An easily replaceable chip on a rigid chip holder makes chip replacement simple and gives us greater flexibility in offering similar cartridge designs which fit other printer models by replacing the chips.

For example, if Epson updates the Surecolor P-400 with a new chip, we can replace the chips on our current inventory or supply chips to our customers.

These new cartridges have a better air-flow control. The high-capacity models for the R2000 and P-400 use a dual air-filter at the inlet port and all of the cartridges have a flow control valve between the air and the ink at the bottom of the cartridge itself.

The R2000 and P400 high capacity ink cartridges have a new dual screen ink stem. This also helps to equalize pressure through the outlet valve. The 1430 and R2880 cartridges have a very low screen that enables good ink flow. Because of the more durable outlet manifold, these carts can also be primed (without messing up their valve spring) to ensure zero air ever makes it to the ink inlet manifold on first use. Suspect you have an air lock? Simply insert a priming tip and pull out the bubble.

The outlet valve itself is incredibly well designed. Better than even the OEM plastic. There is no excess plastic around the edge of the outlet.

These carts only fit 1400/1430/1500W models which use Epson model 79 carts. Some 1430 printers outside the USA use model 81 carts which we do not provide. Check out the new cartridge labels. You can just as easily figure out what Piezography ink shade to fill it with as you can which color ink.  Hmmmmm…what’s K5? Is there a new Piezography K5 matte and glossy ink system coming for the Epson 1430? Could it feature the new Ultra HD dark matte and glossy blacks and single pass glossy printing? I’m not authorized to say, but if so, that’s going to be awesome! You can find the new 1430/1500W cartridges here.

These are the new P-400 cartridge labels for SureColor products we are not even yet discussing let alone hinting at.   😉

Alas, Piezography is not yet officially available on the SureColor P-400. If you want to try it out, you are welcome to. Simply use the existing R2000 curves from the Community Edition. They will work very well with Matte paper but you may see micro-lines with some images and may very well see micro-lines wth some images on Gloss paper. That is why we have not released Piezography for P400, P600, and EU/China P808.

We are in the process of building a new printer driver that will really take advantage of the new SureColors. Our driver enables 5760x2880dpi resolution (Epson only offers 5760x1440 and QTR only does 2880x1440), has better dot control, better dither, full bleed printing, and much more. These new P400 carts are coming out first just because people may want to print (unofficially) on matte paper with Piezography ink and Quadtone RIP. Otherwise, we would keep them to ourselves while we develop the new products for the P-400. We actually have our new driver running on our R&D lab printers. Lots of exciting things to come!

These are the new R2880 cartridges which will vastly make it easier to remember which shade goes in which color position. You can find the new R2880 cartridges here.

Here is the R2000 top labels. If you have this as your color printer – time to repurpose it for Piezography and get a new P-400 for your OEM color. If the demand for R2000 and P400 color is high, we will formulate the missing Red ink in the ConeColor lineup.  You can find the new R2000 cartridges here.

We really hope you enjoy the new cartridges. We think we’ve been able to create a cartridge that is really good and unique industry-wide!


So, this will be happening…  InkjetMall will be having its Annual Summer Stock Up and Save Sale during the week of July 10. This is a sale on about every item we sell.

But, it’s also dependent upon how much of each item we have in inventory and that depends greatly on how much our customers buy during the first and second day of the sale.

Here is a link to an .ics file to add it to your Calendar as a reminder.

New Desktop Cartridge Design
Jon Cone
25 juin, 2017
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