Malde-Ware Methodology 3, Sensitized 50-50 Platinum-Palladium, 100ml

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Pre-sensitized liquid is unique to the Malde-Ware Process. This is Methodology 3 (neutral) sensitizer with 50-50 Platinum/Palladium in 25ml. Can be used for up to 3 years from opening. This produces a more neutral print because of an excess of ammonium nitrate present in the ferric ammonium oxalate component. For warm prints, select Methodology 1 sensitizer.
  • Solution is already sensitized to UV light. Just brush or coat onto paper.

  • Can be used for years without degradation of chemistry as long as bottle is tightly sealed.

  • 30% less mL used per Print than Develop Out Methods. (e.g. 1.3 mL per 8x10)

  • Flexible Color Hues Based on Sensitizer and Paper Humidity.

  • No Reversal (Burning) of Shadows During Over-exposure

  • Higher dMax (Blackness of Black) than Develop Out Methods.

  • Higher Fidelity, Less Noise.

  • No Developer = No Black Spots on Your Paper

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The Malde-Ware method, otherwise known as Print-Out Platinum-Palladium Printing, or the Ammonium Print-out was invented in the 1980s by Pradip Malde and Dr. Mike Ware. Their method related to the original ‘print-out’ platinum process of Giuseppe Pizzighelli from 1887, employs a better-behaved iron sensitizer. Ammonium ferric oxalate is substituted for the notoriously unstable ferric oxalate. Further, ammonium salts of platinum and palladium are used rather than potassium salts yielding a higher degree of chemical solubility while also producing more hydroscopic surface when applied.

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What's Included:

You get a bottle containing 100ml of Malde-Ware Methodology 3 Sensitizer pre-mixed 1;1 with a 50/50 ratio of Platinum/Palladium.


This chemistry is authorized by Pradip Malde and Dr. Mike Ware for the Malde-Ware Printing Out Process of platinum and palladium printing. It is reagent quality of exceptional purity and strictly formulated to their standards.

Product Type Historical Process
Bottle Size 100mL(s)
Brand Vermont PhotoInkjet
Chemistry Type Malde-Ware Premixed Pt/Pd Method 3
Printing Method Platinum/Palladium
Component Pre-mixed Sensitizer