We've Moved to Mailchimp
11 febrero, 2016 por
We've Moved to Mailchimp
Jon Cone

We’re using Mail Chimp now to send out our Newsletters. We imported your last saved Subscription Status from your InkjetMall account. We are not wanting to Spam anyone – we definitely do not want to – if our moving to Mail Chimp has accidentally included you in this mailing please forgive us.

You can now manage your subscriptions including limiting the newsletters you receive from us by Interest Groups which you can check on or check off. For example, if you’re only into making Digital Negatives or interested in our new line of Platinum and Palladium chemistry you may not want to check Color Inks, or Wild Experiments (although why wouldn’t you be interested in Wild Experiments?). You would probably want to check Piezography Inks, Digital Negatives, and possibly Workshops. But, why not check Walker’s Helpful Hint of the Day? The point is that you now get to decide. And it will be easier for us to keep in contact with you.


The New Piezography Workshop is designed to bring you from basics to advanced in three intense days. With only five attendees, there are five available Epson 3880s installed with the five Piezography ink sets and a wide selection of media. Finding your favorite combination will be easy. You will learn how to install and work with inks and cartridges, calibration, linearization, image preparation in both Lightroom and Photoshop, printing technique, printer maintenance, and the advanced techniques which we work with photographers at Cone Editions Press.

The Digital Negative for Platinum/ Palladium is a hands on three day workshop in both the Cone Editions Press studio and its darkroom. You’ll learn platinum / palladium printing and you’ll learn how to print with Piezography. You’ll learn how to make great digital negatives with both the Piezography2 digital negative system as well as the about-to-be released Epson 1430 Piezography digital negative system for platinum / palladium. The latter is mind blowing. No tedious math or workflow required. It works directly out of the box with the most popular chemistry and it’s a paradigm shift for the entire print community.

If you currently own a Piezography2 large format negative system, I predict the smaller format system is in your future. This new system is more than two years in the making and designed specifically for the noble metals. A wide array of presets allow you to make negatives that do not require correction curves and that is revolutionary! The new system works in positive and offers you the opportunity to see what the print will look like through soft proofs on an imaging station.

You can reserve a seat in these workshops directly online. Attendance is limited to five per workshop. You’ll find our Cancellation Policy, the workshop syllabus, and local and travel information including recommended by clicking the more info link on any of the workshops. InkjetMall is a sponsor of these workshops and offers 20% discount on any materials purchased during the workshop and that includes our new line of Platinum and Palladium (http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Shop-by-Alternative-Process/Platinum-and-Palladium-Print/) solutions and dry chemicals!

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Our new CISS (Continouse Ink Supply System) for the SureColor P600 is finally available. We’ve gone through many designs and tweaks testing durability, tube strength, cartridge fit, and a whole host of other variables. We’ve finally manufactured a perfect CISS system for this printer and the product is flying off the shelves. Our profiling donkey (Walker Blackwell) is hard-at-work building a set of stellar color ICCs for this printer, Piezography K7 and P2 .quad curves will follow after. Currently we have nearly all the Hahnemuhle paper color-profiled. Next up are Epson, Canson, Moab, and Jon Cone Studio Papers.

A note about the printer . . .

This new SureColor P600 is a pretty amazing printer. It’s only 13″ wide but the pressure and valve system inside of this little beast is comparable to a wide-format printer. That means it hardly ever clogs and with our new CISS system, there is ZERO air getting into the printhead. This system in combination with our uniquely encapsulated pigment ink performs better than Epson OEM ink cartridges. Our CISS turns this little printer into a professional tool and it’s available online right now.

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We've Moved to Mailchimp
Jon Cone
11 febrero, 2016