We have a new Website!
28 mayo, 2019 por
We have a new Website!

As the inkjet market accelerates and the online commerce world changes at a blinding speed, we have to keep pace. That is why we've revamped InkjetMall's internal and external website from the ground up. This change goes very deep from how we show all our products to the public to how we manufacture, stock, and ship products. We are making this change because it's important for our customers to easily find and purchase products. We are making this change to keep products in stock better. We are making this change to give ourselves some peace of mind too!

On this page we've published a set of quick "tour guide" videos that will show you some of the new features of the website and also hopefully answer some of your burning questions. If you ever have any technical questions or problems with the new site you can email our Support Ticket System with your customer Email Address or a previous Sales Order # and we'll respond blindly fast. If you have a sales question, you can Contact Us below.

We hope you enjoy the new site!

Use the "Shop By Printer" menu. Then filter by Product Type.

In this example we select the P800 printer and then filter for ConeColor. The first product that shows up is a full printing kit that includes carts, ink, and the decoder board! Also, most products have a handy instruction video right on the page.

Are you an existing online customer?
This is how you get into your account on the new site:

Historical sales orders and invoices are not archived online at the moment. These can be emailed upon request.
If your reset doesn't work just click "create account" and we'll see the duplicate and merge your accounts later on.

You can also Shop by Ink and then filter by Printer Compatibility.

In this example we show all Piezography Pro ink sets that are compatible with the P600 printer and are capable of printing both matte and glossy prints. Then we filter even more to only show the 60mL ink sets.

If you have a question just Contact Us on every page.

This will email our sales team and they'll get back to you ASAP. You can also email our support ticket system if you are customer with a technical question.

Use our advanced auto-complete search to quickly find what you need.
Then filter to the exact product, compare prices, and purchase.

In this example we search for neutral ink, add a bottle to the cart, then search for selenium ink and filter for the P400 printer and also for 60mL sets that allow for PiezoDN (Digital Negative) printing. Then we quickly add these products to the compare list to easily see all of them in one view. Then we add just one product to the cart.

Our search even shows results if it can't find a product. Yay!

Our search automatically shows Google results when it can't find a product. Google is good at finding fuzzy stuff that might be miss-spelled so even if you were searching for a product but simply miss-spell it, Google will probably show the right product in the results and you just click it and get to the product. Pretty fancy right?

This example shows search queries for instructions and support forum posts that have zero product results. 

The full Piezography Manual is now online. :)

In this example video we go to the Choose a Printer and View Compatibility page. Then we scroll through other parts of the Piezography Manual. This manual will be continually updated over time.

Easily set your ship-to address and calculate shipping based on your speed requirements, then pay.

Taxes are calculated based on the shipping address. Note: This is a very heavy product in the example so it's showing an expensive ship rate.

We have a new Website!
28 mayo, 2019