From Russia with Love
16 febrero, 2012 por
From Russia with Love
Jon Cone

Dear InkjetMall!

I would like to thank you for continuous support of our “Future Now” project in Russia!

“Future Now” is a multifaceted project aimed at creating, testing and implementing an innovative methodology of educating and facilitating the integrative development of young people.

Main objective of the project is to create a novel method of education and upbringing, which lets every child realize and manifest his or her unique life purpose, and become fully conscious of the uniqueness and sacredness of all life on Earth.

Our project is targeted toward children 10 to 16 years old, who possess a highly developed creative imagination, and non-linear, at times inscrutable patterns of thinking. Such children often harbor remarkable hidden talents. Oftentimes, many of these children live in an environment of creative isolation, in an emotionally-rich inner world, which they are unable to share with anyone.

The “Future Now” staff is a multidisciplinary community of creative individuals that includes: educators, scientists, journalists, psychologists, artists, and many other people who share concern for the future of humanity. Each staff member is not only well-versed in his or her own area of expertise, but also possesses many other talents and creative abilities.

Summer Camp is the synthesis of all our methods, including Role Playing, Creative Laboratories, Forays, Workshops, Intention Guilds, and many others, wherein Nature serves as key Facilitator. Over a two-week period, children and adults camp in the wilderness, deeply immersed into, and fully living their envisioned future. Here, the children role-play various scenarios, and get an opportunity to artistically express themselves and to become aware of their creative potentials. They also test their ideals are repeatedly tested in multifaceted mutual interaction. Summer Camp is a time rich in action, analysis, insight and intuition. In the Future Now Summer Camp, life’s daily chores, routines and obligations foster creative development and partnership.

We have been running a photography workshop at every Camp, using ConeColor inks for printing right in the forest with our generator-powered Epson printer! On behalf of our team I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you at Cone Editions Press and Inkjet Mall, especially Cathy and Jon Cone, for continuous support of our “Future Now” project in Russia and donating ConeColor Inks and other printer supplies. Without your support many of our Summer Camp activities, including Photography Workshop and Nature Forays, would not be possible. Time after time we saw how much children appreciate and treasure their beautiful Summer Camp photographs printed with your custom inks!

Below for your attention are some of the camp photos.

Many thanks and countless blessings,

Michael Yoshpa, Ph.D.
Project Coordinator.

From Russia with Love
Jon Cone
16 febrero, 2012