ConeColor HDR released
1 febrero, 2011 por
ConeColor HDR released
Jon Cone

ConeColor HDR inks are now released!

The customer Beta program was a success. We have a great set of ConeColor HDR inks and a great set of 700ml refillable carts. We reformulated the Vivid Magenta, Light Black and Photo Black inks of the ConeColor K3 Vivid set to match the glossiness and dMax of the new Epson HDR inks. We also added HDR Orange. The only ink that we have not yet completed is HDR Green. We do not want to compromise our great color and gloss with a less than stellar Green, so we’ll keep working at it. But, you can continue to use the Epson Green ink with ConeColor HDR inks and replace all your other ink positions as they run out with ConeColor HDR. Start saving the environment and money with our ReUsable system.  Look for them here.

The three reformulated ink positions are also going to be great options for the K3 and K3 Vivid inks to boost their glossiness and dMax accordingly. We haven’t begun bottling in smaller form yet. Right now only liters of these new inks are available. But, keep in mind next time you need to order Vivid Magenta, Light Black or Photo Black, that we have some new options for our legacy ink customers. You would be customizing these positions with HDR VM, LK and PK in place of K3 VM, LK and PK. You would see enhanced gloss and dMax.

When we were formulating HDR we noticed that the glossiness and dMax of Epson inks is enhanced by the Epson x900 print heads. The same ink when printed  in 3880 and 2880 printers did not produce as much gloss as when printed from an Epson 7900. So we identified which of our ink positions did not match the OEM in the 7900 and reformulated accordingly. Then later we were curious about what effect the enhanced glossiness and dMax would have when used in the 2880 and 3880 printer. It is an improvement on what is already a great ink.

It is certain to make things a little confusing with all these options soon…so we will try and upgrade our website ink selections when we bottle in 4, 8, and 16oz sizes. You’ll be able to stay with what you have now or upgrade to these new HDR options in your K3 and K3 Vivid printers.

The new 7900 / 9900 refillable carts are sturdy and very well manufactured. We tested carts from many manufacturers before deciding on these. All of these cartridges tend to look alike. They are actually made of components that are sourced from only a few manufacturing lines in China. However, the cartridges include many small parts and are eventually welded together to form a complete whole. So while refillable carts all “look alike”. They are anything but the same. We tested cartridges that were absolute rubbish. We tested cartridges that leaked. We tested cartridges that simply did not function well. This particular cartridge makes us feel very comfortable from a support point of view.

ConeColor HDR released
Jon Cone
1 febrero, 2011

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