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EasyFill keys for Photo R1400 / R1430

EasyFill keys for Photo R1400 / R1430


Closeout: EasyFill keys for EPSON 79 compatible printers. These keys are for use with our EasyFill ink capsules. This is a system of keys and capsules that allow you to change ink quickly and without mess. Please see our detailed instructions.

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EasyFill keys for EPSON R1400 and R1430 printers accept easily replaceable InkThrift ink capsules for an eco-friendly, sustainable inkjet system. Requires EZC-CL-SET6 ink capsules.

  • EasyFill EZK-79 frames fit the EPSON Artisan R1400 and R1430 USA model printers. They are designed for use with the optional EZK-CL ink capsules. When a capsule is empty, replace with another capsule or refill the capsule with InkThrift CL ink. The key contains an auto reset chip that monitors the ink level.

  • The EasyFill system is a brand new concept in reusable and refillable inking systems. It offers improvements by separating the wet components (ink capsules) from the electronic components (keys) and allowing the user of this system to keep their hands and environment clean when refilling.

  • Additional ink capsules are available by color. Packaged in sets of 3 each, or in sets of six (1 each color). They offer a substantial savings over the OEM inks. The ink capsules fit all three key systems allowing shared ink supplies in multi-printer environments. Ink capsules can be refilled for an even greater ReUse solution.

What's Included

You get a set of six keys for your printer. The keys require ink capsules in order for you to be able to print.

Product Type Accessory
Brand EasyFill
Printer 1430 , 1400 , 1500W

Compatibility Notes

Compatible with the Epson R1400 and R1430 (both USA models only).