Jon Cone
published on 03/18/2016 00:00:00

One secret to amazing prints is really good color management. InkjetMall has the largest library of ICC profiles of any third-party ink provider. Because we support so many different papers and printers we may now be the largest ICC profile provider out there! Over the next year we'll be undergoing a massive color management upgrade re-profiling supported printers and papers with new 3000 Patch i1Profiler ICCs.

If you're hunting for an ICCright nowyou can find it on our new website at: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/ICC-Profile-LIbraries/ On our ICC Libraries page you can find your exact ICC by printer and paper and also read our instructions for printing with ConeColor ICC profiles.

Looking for the ultimate custom profile? We do that too. You can order a custom profile right here: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Custom-ICC-Profiles/

And of course, full instructions for printing with our ICC profiles is available here: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/About/How-to-Use-icc-profiles/

We hope this was a timely and welcome email. Keep a lookout on the pages above for updates to our ICC profiles and workflow!

Have a good day, Support Staff @ InkjetMall