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The state of the art

Jon Cone
published on 12/27/2008 19:00:00

I get a lot of questions asking what is the state of the art in Piezography. In other words, what produces the absolute best Piezography results?

As unbelievable as it seems, Piezography K7 and K6 curves for the $50 shareware QuadTone RIP produce a better result than the profiles produced in StudioPrint RIP which is the only professional RIP to directly support Piezography inks and costs as much as $2,300. We wrote the profiler that is used to produce the curves for our inks in QuadTone RIP.

For printer platforms, the Epson 4880, 7880 and 9880 are the best performing Piezography printers to date. Epson finally got this hardware right. Piezography will exceed the capabilities of any Epson printer. But these particular printers really operate well.

Honorable mention has to go to Special Edition Inks on the Epson 1400 printer. This product was developed especially for this low cost 13″ wide printer. While the paper feed leaves a lot to be desired, the Special Edition ink set and curves produce the most beautiful Piezography prints ever.