QuadtoneRIP Ink Seperation & Calibration Mode
1 October, 2016 by
QuadtoneRIP Ink Seperation & Calibration Mode
Jon Cone

This is a small taste of what is covered in the Piezography Community Edition, available for free right here.

Often one needs to print densities from 0 percent of ink to 100 percent of ink from each individual channel of one’s printer to diagnose possible hardware or ink issues. This page describes how to do just that. The QTR Print Tool is necessary when printing from Mac 10.6.8 or higher, for accurate output (other printing applications have screwed up color management that will produce poor Piezography output).

2017 UPDATE: We have created a new custom ink seperation file that you can download and print right here: Download

Print Inkseparation Image Using QTR Calibration Mode:

Printing the inkseparation image thru QTR’s Calibration Mode will print strips of pure ink from each channel. This is an easy way to check ink shade/color placement and density.

The inkseparation files can be found in the following locations:

MAC: Applications> QuadToneRIP> CurveDesign> Images folder.

Windows: C:/ Program Files/ QuadTone RIP/ bin

NOTE: There are different inkeparation images depending on the printer model you’re using. “6” for 6-color printers, “inkseparation” for 7-color printers, “8” for 8-color printers, and “10” for 10-color printers. Be sure to select the correct image for the printer model you’re using. 


1) Open the QuadTone RIP program, select your printer and paper size

2) Select Tools> Options> Calibration Mode, which will open the inkseparation image file.

3) Ink Limit: 100% and Resolution either 1440 or 2880dpi then print


1) Open the “inkseparation” file in QTR Print Tool

2) Select “NO Color Management” in the Print Tool window

3) Select your K7 printer model, and paper size, then push print

4) In the QuadTone RIP window- select Calibration Mode, Ink Limit: 100% and Resolution either 1440 or 2880dpi

QuadtoneRIP Ink Seperation & Calibration Mode
Jon Cone
1 October, 2016
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