QTR User Guide for Mac updated

Jon Cone
published on 03/18/2011 00:00:00

I’ve updated the Piezography QuadTone RIP K7/K6 User Manual for Macintosh. While we try to warn users NOT to rely on the standard QTR manual that is part of the QTR package, it is not because Roy Harrington’s excellent manual is anything but excellent.

Rather it is because Piezography K7/K6 is NOT COMPATIBLE with normal QuadTone RIP workflow.

The main reason is because of the way in which I engineer K7/K6 curves. I do not use the QuadTone RIP Curves tool. I use my own software that then compiles the curves into code that QTR can use when printing. I adhere strictly to a Gamma 2.2 workflow. You must preview in 2.2 and you must print at 2.2.

For Windows users, QTR will print my Gamma 2.2 K7/K6 curves without interference. But on the Mac side of things, there are some OS / Adobe problems within certain combinations of Mac OS and Photoshop versions that throws the whole thing out of whack. So if you’re a Mac user – please re-read the manual.

On the other hand, if you have never read my Quick Guides for Mac or Windows…you may not be getting the full benefits of Piezography.

Look here under Users Guides and Piezography Chronicles for my QTR Tutorials. Also, check out the latest Piezography Chronicle on “What it takes to make a fine Piezography print“.

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