PiezoFlush for printer storage

Jon Cone
published on 03/18/2011 00:00:00

Question: I have (2) Epson 4000 printers that I want to put into storage for an extended period of time. How much Piezoflush will it take to accomplish this without using more than I need for the task? I would appreciate a checklist for this process if you have one, thanks.

To flush two 4000’s, you’ll want one set of empty refillable carts and I’d say about 6-8oz PiezoFlush per cartridge (so, a total of 48-64oz). When I flush a printer, I fill each cartridge about 1/2 way (about 4oz) with PiezoFlush (prime carts with straightened paperclip as per instructions before installing into the printer) then do three power clean cycles to purge the internal ink system (lines, dampers + head).

After doing the three power clean cycles, you can print a nozzle check to make sure all eight positions are fully printing light pink, then turn the printer off for safe storage. You can use the one set of carts with PiezoFlush to flush both printers if you’d like- to do this flush one printer, print a pink nozzle check then turn the printer off, remove the set of flush carts and reinsert the ink carts (to keep the cartridge chambers moist, to avoid drying/clogging) then seal the cartridge air vent holes to prevent drying inside the carts and insert the set of flush carts in the second printer and do the procedure again- with this printer you can either leave the set of flush carts installed or remove them and reinsert the ink carts as you did with the first- either way, I recommend you cover the air vent holes on the carts to prevent evaporation/drying.

Dana Ceccarelli is both the Technical Support Manager at InkjetMall and Research Assistant for Product Development. In her spare time she is responsible for the maintenance of more than a dozen large format printers at Cone Editions Press (InkjetMall’s sister company). She also maintains the Piezography Online Printers at InkjetMall and is responsible for the online printmaking.