Photoshop CS6 Beta/Mac
15 April, 2012 by
Photoshop CS6 Beta/Mac
Jon Cone

This is the Piezography workflow for Adobe CS6 Photoshop beta.

One of our fellow Piezographers,  Tracy Valleau, alerted us recently to the new Printing Policy of Adobe Photoshop CS6. From this version forward, Photoshop will no longer permit printing without Color Management.

Further, they will not permit Color Management in which an image is converted into the same space as the source space. While they plan to provide a printer utility to users who wish to print without Color Management, it is currently buggy.

CS6 Mac Print Window

Mac users who print from Photoshop and want to participate in the public Beta of CS6 can use the following workflow.

  1. You should continue to work in a grayscale Gamma of 2.20 because this is the interpreted response that Piezography produces when used with the Piezography K7 profiles.
  2. Before printing, convert your image to sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998 as both of these use an internal Gamma of 2.20. Leave as a grayscale and do not adjust the color.
  3. Printing from CS6, select Photoshop Manages Colors and select the Wide Gamut RGB profile from the Profiles menu. This will allow Color Management to take place although it will not affect the rgb Grayscale because Adobe Wide Gamut also uses an internal Gamma of 2.20.
  4. Print through QTR as usual…

We will update you when the Final version of CS6 is released or if there are subsequent Beta  releases that changes this workflow.

Photoshop CS6 Beta/Mac
Jon Cone
15 April, 2012
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