Our new Tech Support forum
3 January, 2013 by
Our new Tech Support forum
Jon Cone

Everyone loved our old technical support system. You went online to Inkjetmall and filled out a form on the website and we solved your issues. So why the change to a new forum based support system (you ask)?

techsupport-lifepreserver-170x170 Since we started using our website form, we have logged hundreds and hundreds of requests for the same issues which are easily solved by reading the manual, following the instructions, or reading frequently asked questions. An example is that we logged 46 cases of customers who forgot to pull the vent tabs off their desktop carts - which resulted in no ink coming out of the printer. We spent many hours dealing with these easily remedied problems and that took time away from our product development. And there were many other similar issues of redundancy.

We are late to get our new Claria style dye ink (InkThrift CL) out the door. We are also late on our Durabrite style pigmented InkThrift DB ink set! We have a new cartridge designe we worked on which is late. Answering the same support issues over and over again rob time from innovating new products. Probably the biggest drain on development is what that has done to the release of Piezography2. More than a year late. But, there is not enough time in a day to manage both product support and technical support.

So, our hope is that if we put all the knowledge in one place, and allow people to read instructions online, or to follow instructions online, or to read the same problems that others are having - that it will be easier to read and follow electronic instructions than it is to read the written instructions. I suppose I am just as guilty as the next of rushing right into the products I buy without reading the instructions! I do that all the time and then try and back my way out. Then late at night, who can I call for help? We are not available 24 hours a day and yet our customers are working all over the world at all hours of the night. So this allows help to be available at any time of the day!

If there is an issue that can only be remedied by some detailed support help on our part - we will do it live in this forum. Documenting that in the forum allows others to determine if what happened to you has happened to them. If there is an issue that can only be remedied by product replacement - we will bring the issue into our case system - attach it to your customer file - and remedy it quickly. The forum is meant to further demystify product use.

There is also the possibility that others will begin to help others by sharing their experience. Someday (we hope), one or more of you may become forum moderators with un-imaginable rewards as a result!

So, the new forum is the place to read all the latest in user manuals, documentation, instructions, product updates and others experiences with our products. If you are stumped - and you need help that is not currently on the forum or the articles section - then post us a question in the users forum. We get notices of every single posting sent to our email. In a way - we are here waiting for you.

Happy Printing!

Our new Tech Support forum
Jon Cone
3 January, 2013
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