New Support Forum
11 June, 2017 by
New Support Forum
Jon Cone


Last week we sent out a little email letting you know that InkjetMall was about to upgrade our free tech support forum to a new platform. I’m happy to announce that the upgrade went smoothly this weekend and we are up and running at the new site:

All old user accounts, posts, private messages, and attachments, have migrated to the new site.

For Existing Forum Account Holders:
If you had a user account on the old site, you got an activation email on Friday morning around 10am. If you are hunting for that email, check your spam box. If you still can’t find it, don’t worry. Just log in with your username (or email address) and click “I forgot my password.” This will send a new email with an activation link.

For InkjetMall Customers Who Want to Register:
If you have ever been a customer of ours but haven’t registered on the forum, you can register easily. To get access to the customer support forum, just create a new account and fill out your customer ID at the prompt. This customer ID is located on every single invoice we’ve sent you in the past and is also in your account at We then verify you as a customer and give you posting access to the Customer Support section on the site.

For Non-Customers:
If you aren’t a customer, you can still register! You’ll get access to the general discussion forum. This forum is for people interested in our products but who need to ask questions first. The general discussion section is not for tech support, by we’re always super happy to answer questions that people have about Piezography, ConeColor, PiezoFlush, digital negatives, refill cartridges or any other products we sell.. If you become a customer, you can then apply for membership to the customer support forum and gain access there too.

There’s a whole host of upgrades (too many to mention in this post). In short, I suggest taking a peak. If you like it and want to join the discussion, feel free to register! 🙂

New Support Forum
Jon Cone
11 June, 2017
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