Making a fine Piezography print
17 March, 2011 by
Making a fine Piezography print
Jon Cone

A new Piezography Chronicle has been produced on the basics of making a fine Piezography print.

Piezography does not take any particular skill that is not required to make a competent print with an OEM solution. Having said that, not everyone can make a print using the OEM solution in a competent manner. This PDF is “basics” that covers the steps you need to take to begin using Piezography, so that Piezography can begin to support your images with its inherent beauty, smoothness, and superior print qualities.

This PDF covers subjects like scanning, calibration, workflow, usage of QTR – all in a very basic manner that can be instructive to beginners and a great refresher for seasoned users who may have gotten themselves a little off-track.

I plan to follow up and produce expert techniques guides next. But in the meantime, below is the link to the new PDF file:

What it takes to make a fine Piezography print

Making a fine Piezography print
Jon Cone
17 March, 2011
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