Mac OS X Lion
1 August, 2011 by
Mac OS X Lion
Jon Cone

MacOS X Lion is coming. For many, it’s already here. The most significant upgrade concern for InkjetMall customers is going to be compatibility with older software.

MacOS X Lion will not include “Rosetta” which is the PPC emulator that allows the intel processor to run PPC software.

The last version of Photoshop which was still PPC native was CS2. So if you have not upgraded your Photoshop to at least CS3 – you should be concerned. Upgrading to Lion will mean an upgrade to Photoshop.

We do know that QuadTone RIP is Lion compatible. So Piezography will not be interrupted.

There are many applications however, which may need to be upgraded before you consider whether Lion is going to be right for you. Luckily, you can easily tell which of your applications runs under Rosetta and will need to be upgraded.

To view the applications that you currently have installed on your computer you can do the following:

  1. In the upper left hand corner of your display, click the Apple menu,
  2. Select “About this Mac”
  3. When the “About this Mac” window opens, click on “More Info”
  4. Under Contents, open the Software list and click on “Applications”
  5. The “Kind” column lists whether the ap is Classic, Intel, PowerPC, or Universal.
  6. Sort the Kind column by clicking on “Kind”

This will allow you to see how many applications you have that are PowerPC native. If the application is PowerPC, it will not run under Lion.

Mac OS X Lion
Jon Cone
1 August, 2011
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