Epson R3000, R2000 and Pro 4900 update
13 September, 2011 by
Epson R3000, R2000 and Pro 4900 update
Jon Cone

We are zeroing in on cartridges for the Epson Pro 4900, R3000 and R2000 printers.  One of our main suppliers has accomplished the two new desktop chips and is just a short time away from perfecting the 4900 printer chips.  We will be testing the R3000 and R2000 products later this month to make sure they meet our quality standards. Piezography and ConeColor systems will follow shortly after.

The 4900 system will hopefully fall into place quickly, as we plan a trip to China in October and we will be visiting with the supplier to go over our final specifications for the cartridge design. This speed of the chip development is a surprise to us – only a few weeks ago the project seemed long and possibly hopeless.

As with almost all products for the inkjet industry coming out of China – they all seem exactly the same because they look so much alike. But, as much as the moulds for these products are sourced from only a few, the final construction and internal components are vastly different. Cartridges are being finished by hundreds of small and large companies.

We can not judge any product by its cover and therefore we thoroughly test before selling to our customers. A visit to the factory ensures that we are getting in the final product what we have tested. It’s a lot of work and expense initially, but it allows us to maintain an insurance policy for our customers printers in case our products cause damage. It also affords peace of mind for myself and my staff who provide support for these systems. This is the InkjetMall way and one of the things that separates us from our competition.

We will have fully ICC profiled ConeColor options for these new printers shortly. We will also provide Piezography K7 solutions as well as the new Piezography 2 and Piezography Pro 2 solutions for these printers. These will feature multiple blended toning options and matte/glossy built in.

Epson R3000, R2000 and Pro 4900 update
Jon Cone
13 September, 2011
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