ConeColor Pro

Jon Cone
published on 03/16/2012 00:00:00

We’ve completely reformulated the ConeColor ink line to bring the technology required by the ConeColor HDR inks right on down and across the ConeColor K3 and K3V ink lines. We’ve finally added the missing green position to HDR.

Many of our customers who were using some of the new HDR ink positions in their non-HDR printers noticed the better dMax and glossiness. That is what ConeColor Pro offers over ConeColor. It has noticeably better glossiness and dMax for customers who print on non-matte media.

We already offer the most trouble-free 3rd party ink on the market. We didn’t mess with that. ConeColor Pro is the same micro-encapsulated pigment particle in different chemistry and it is fully compatible with both ConeColor and Epson ink. The color match to Epson remains the same and uses the same ICC profiles even though we’ve made some minor color tweaks. But, on glossy the match now includes similar dMax and gloss to the OEM. That’s where we gave up a little edge with our first generation.

Next time you need to re-order ink, we wish that you will choose the PRO inks. There is no additional cost. When you run out of a color position, simply refill with the PRO version and slowly phase it in. All of the ConeColor products we are currently selling are already PRO. We will keep inventories of the first generation ink for some time, but there is no compelling reason not to use the latest generation PRO.