Calibration! Do I need it?
20 January, 2009 by
Calibration! Do I need it?
Jon Cone

Take a look at the following graphic to find your calibration score. What is the lowest number that you can just barely see?

  • 1 – 9       Fantastic! Great job! You’re calibrated to print.
  • 10 – 15     Good job – your calibration allows you to see some shadow detail, not all.
  • 16 – 19    Better than most but you’re missing the very dark shadow details you are capable of adjusting if you could see them.
  • 20-30    Not so good I am afraid…
  • 31+        Poor. You’re missing the entire range of shadow detail which is what allows Piezography to exceed every other system.
RBG values 0 - 63

RBG values 0 – 63

The best bang for the buck in calibrator displays is the new Eizo CG222W which is a true 12 bit hardware calibrated display. Its a close to a Sony Artisan as you’re going to get for under $1,400. It can put you into the 1-9 range with a very good gray balance.

Calibration! Do I need it?
Jon Cone
20 January, 2009
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