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Stephen Quiller Professional Watercolor - Ivory Black - 15ml

Stephen Quiller Professional Watercolor - Ivory Black - 15ml


A true professional watercolor. The paint is made through the traditional stone ground milling process and provides pure, brilliant color that compliments the surface of pt/pd prints when used for spotting or enhancement.

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Made by a European company that has been making paint since the 1860s. The pigment is slowly ground on stone mills, thoroughly crushed and then coated in gum Arabic and honey. Pigments are pure; there are no additives. The color is pure and extremely lightfast. Each tube is individually labeled with special information including the lightfast rating. Paynes Grey, Ivory Black and Burnt Umber can be thinned with water and intermixed with each other to perfectly match the color of your platinum and palladium prints when spotting.

What's Included

You get one 15ml tube of professional grade watercolor. 

Product Type Historical Process , Art Supplies
Brand Quiller

Compatibility Notes

Compatible with all water based emulsions used in alternative process.