Solar Plate Etching and Gravure PhotoPolymer Plates - A3 Size - Package of 10

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11.7" x 16.5" - Package of of 10. Jet LSL-73-SP Intaglio Series Photopolymer solar plates (Kodak Miraclon) are supplied by Vermont PhotoInkjet to printmakers who produce relief prints, etchings, intaglios and photogravures without using grounds, nor acids, nor even solvents!

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Jet Photopolymer intaglio plates (Kodak Miraclon)  are better known as "solar plates" because they can actually be exposed using the sun as a UV light source. These plates are designed for acid-free etching and acid-free photogravure. After exposure to a UV light source they are processed in plain water for a few minutes, dried and hardened with an additional exposure of UV. Traditionally, these plates are used in conjunction with an exposing screen and a film positive.

It is also possible to print images direct-to-plate using ConeColor and Piezography UltraHD™ Matte Black ink using the Epson printer driver in black ink only mode at 1440dpi. The inkjet dithering will eliminate the need for both a film positive and an exposing screen film.

Recently, Cone Editions Press developed a new method of direct-to-plate printing. Their current state of the art includes 3 different black inks used with their proprietary printer driver which can print up to 5760dpi. The driver assimilates aquatint with a pseudo randomized printing of different sized micro dots of ink. Further, Cone Editions Press created a calibration system for matching customer's display images to the final print. Cone Editions has nearly two decades experience in traditional copperplate aquatint photogravure process and developed their method as a direct comparison. This process is not being released as a Piezography product, but the platemaking services are available online directly from Cone Editions Press (located in the same facility as InkjetMall!)


KM 73 Specifications

Thickness: 0.029” / 0.73mm
Face Relief: .019” / 0.47 mm ▪ PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
Substrate: .010” / 0.26 mm - Steel Base
Durometer: 80° Shore D Hardness
Surface Texture:  Non-Matte


Aquatint Screen Exposure:  1:00 – 2:00 Minutes @ 720 mj/cm (350 nm)
Main Exposure: 1:00 – 2:00 Minutes @ 720 mj/cm (350 nm)
Resolution: [email protected]%
Resolution Direct to Plate with Epson driver: 1440dpi
Resolution Direct to Plate at Cone Editions Press: 2880dpi
Minimum Isolated Dot (um) Direct to Plate at Cone Editions Press: 100
Minimum Isolated Dot (um): 200um with black ink only Epson driver
Maximum Isolated Dot (um): 40
21 Step Exposure Scale: 16-19
21 Step Exposure Scale Direct to Plate at Cone Editions Press: 21
Washout: 3:30 – 4:00 minutes
Bath Temperature:  <23°C/72°F
Dry: 30:00 - 40:00 Minutes in Convection Dryer
Temperature:      80OC/176OF
Post Exposure:    4-5:00 minutes


What's Included:

You get a package of 10 unexposed Solar Plates.


This plate is .73mm and can pass through most Epson Pro and Photo printers when the platen gap is set to its widest. This plate is especially compatible with Piezography or ConeColor Ultra HD Matte Black ink. An image can be formed by printing in black ink only mode at 1440dpi.

Product Type Paper & Media
Brand Jet
Media Type Photopolymer Plates
Media Dimensions 11.7"x16.5" - A3
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