Replacement Single-Use Chips for Epson SureColor Printers: SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P8000, SC-P9000 All Series and Colors

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One Time Use SureColor SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P8000, SC-P9000 One-Time Chips, Cyan, Light Cyan, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta, Photo Black, Matte Black, Light Black, Light Light Black, Yellow.
  • Perfect for use on our Universal 700mL Cartridges

  • Precision fitted, no protrusions or bad soldering marks

  • Repair your printer with PiezoFlush and use alternative inkjet fluids

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This is a one-time chip for the SureColor P6000 through P9000 series printers. SureColor Printers sold in North America and now in Europe can not use chips that reset, or be used with chips that have previously been recorded in the printer's main board chip serial number database. Nor can they be used with chips in which the ink level increases (which prevents resetting). That is why we sell one-time chips. Make sure you purchase a chip with a series (serial) number that has not already been used in your printer. There are only 10 series of numbers world wide. We suggest placing all previously used chips directly on the left of your printer so you have a handy reference for what chips have been used previously. See the instructions tab above for more information.

If you purchase a used SureColor P6000, P7000, P8000 or P9000 printer that has only used OEM chips you can use all of the series of chips we offer. However, if you purchase a used printer that has already been used with 3rd party chips and you do not know which series have been used in each of the color slots, you can not purchase chips from us to try and find one that works. If your future includes a used P6000, P7000, P8000 or P9000 printer - make certain it was used only with OEM inks or that it had its full chip series record.

Re-ordering SC-P One Time chips in North America:

Because the SC-P printers are locked-down in the North American and European market you must use one-time-only chips in these printers. Each chip comes with a specific series marking (eg: LC #1, LC #2, etc). Mark the cartridge with the series that you are installing onto the printer (use a sharpie). When it comes time to order a new chip (do this when the cartridge gets to 1/3 full on the printer’s control panel) make sure to order a different series # from this product page.

NOTE #1: When these one-time chips are ready to be replaced your printer may not say “ink cartridge empty replace cartridge” but instead may say “ink cartridge cannot be recognized.” It’s useful to turn the printer off and reboot it to ensure that this was not just a temporary chip contact issue. If the issue persists you know it’s time to switch the chips.

NOTE #2: Epson is always working to defeat the third-party inkjet cartridge market. It is not inconceivable that Epson will update the firmware of the SC-P printers to lock out these chips in the future. We recommend that you NEVER let Epson update the firmware on your printer. When downloading the driver from Epson download the driver only and not any “Combo” options. The combo option forces you to agree to auto Epson firmware upgrades and this could lock your printer out until new chips are engineered for the new firmware. If you want to update the firmware please ask about the most recent firmware at and we will verify things. 


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Printer Model SureColor P6000 or SureColor P8000 or SureColor P7000 or SureColor P9000
Color Position or Shade Cyan or Light Cyan or Vivid Magenta or Vivid Light Magenta or Yellow or Matte Black or Photo Black or Light Black or Light Light Black or Green or Orange
Chip Series Number Series #1 or Series #2 or Series #3 or Series #4 or Series #5 or Series #6 or Series #7 or Series #8 or Series #9 or Series #10
Printer Brand Epson
Product Type Chip(s)
Brand Vermont PhotoInkjet

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