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ReUsable Cart, Reset Chip - X900, X890 - Vivid Magenta


ReUsable Cart, Reset Chip - X900, X890 - Vivid Magenta

SKU: RCS-7900-350-VM

Empty Refillable cartridge for Epson 7700/9700/7900/9900/7890/9890 (350ml) Vivid Magenta

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These refillable cartridges are made of sturdy and clear high-quality polypropylene plastic. They insert into your EPSON 7900/9990/7890/9890 printer easily.

This cartridge is a perfect marriage of the best designed cartridge with the best designed microchip. Final assembly is produced at Vermont PhotoInkjet. The cart is pressure tested and passes several QC tests before being sold. This is not your average China made cartridge!

This cart can be used to repair your printer in case the Epson cartridge reads empty prematurely or malfunctions. You can transfer the contents of the defective Epson cartridge to this refillable cartridge.

This cart can be filled with your choice of PiezoFlush, ConeColor, InkThrift, or Piezography ink. However, it is compatible with other ink brands.

The ink is filled through a funnel, air is purged from the outlet port, and the cartridge is inserted into the printer just like the OEM. However, instead of throwing it away when the 350ml ink is used, the cartridge's chip is reset with our optional chip resetter. A chip resetter is included in complete sets of carts. You will need to purchase only one resetter if you plan on buying these carts one at a time.

What's Included

You get one empty refillable cartridge. If you do not already have, you may need an optional chip resetter and the funnel/syringe accessory - both of which are in related items. The optional chip resetter can be used with any color position.

Product Type Empty Refillable Cartridge(s)
Brand Vermont PhotoInkjet
Printer 7890 , 7900 , 9890 , 9900
Color Position or Shade Vivid Magenta

Compatibility Notes

These cartridges are compatible with the printer model they are listed for. You can use these to repair your printer in case your OEM cartridges fail. You can remove the Epson ink from a failed cart and fill these carts and continue printing. You can fill these carts with PiezoFlush in order to attempt to fix your printer. These carts are also compatible with all ConeColor, InkThrift, Piezography, and Epson inks. These carts may be compatible with other ink brands but we can not support them with the use of other ink brands.