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Piezography for Beginners Workshop ~ From Start to Finish

Piezography for Beginners Workshop ~ From Start to Finish

This course will take you from basics to mind blowing in four days. Absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about Piezography and Piezography Pro.

Workshop Date: August 5th through August 8th, 2019

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Appropriate for both pre-Piezography and new users of Piezography. You need only a basic working knowledge of either Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

  • Fee: $1,500

  • Length: Four days

  • Location: Cone Editions Press, Vermont. 

  • Includes: All material costs. 

  • Maximum attendees: 8

PIEZOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS is perfect for you if you're thinking about getting into higher standard black & white printing or you've started off recently in Piezography, or if you've been Piezography printing for awhile and now want to seek out some expert practices.

During this workshop you will install the software onto your laptop including lots of bits and extras (for coming to see us!). While we won't have you install inks into the workshops printers (3880s, P800s, P400, P600, R3000, 7880, 9900) we will demonstrate how to install inks into the workshop printers. We'll even show you how we maintain our printers with methods that you can do with yours. 

You'll learn how to print to the different workshop printers from your own laptop. Our printer network is quite state of the art but easily replicable at home. If you're only used to tethered printing  - you'll appreciate the ability to send print jobs over a network to one of however many printers you can fit in your studio. I happen to load mine up with paper at the end of the night, and then do the printing from home. It allows me to get one final print run in without having to wait for all the spooling of the image files. I do that from home and collect the prints in the morning. Network printing may be an odd thing to teach at a workshop to be sure - but if we didn't then you might not know how to if or when connecting to your printer with a USB is not practical.

You'll be printing your own images and you will probably have lots of Photoshop and Lightroom questions. We'll show you how to set those up for optimum workflow and print quality, and you'll also get time practicing print specific imaging techniques. We teach what is useful, and what leaves the least evidence behind, and what gets you where you want to go most efficiently and intuitively.

There are a lot of different ink systems and papers and we will encourage you to try your photographs with all of them - find what you prefer. The workshop is an excellent opportunity for that type of exploration. Printing is a huge part of this workshop. Bring lots of images - but please also bring the raw images or unedited images. If you haven't printed with Piezography - it will show much more detail than you'll be used to. We want to make sure that you're not printing over-processed images. While it's a great learning experience to remake images using the techniques we teach, it will be frustrating if you do not have a backup plan for over-processed images. We recommend bringing both the edited and unedited versions.

Calibration is really where it's at with Piezography. It produces a match to screen whether for regular printing or alternative process printing. If there is enough interest we may demo a platinum print or a photopolymer gravure print. Both use Piezography ink sets, and the concept is the same. Piezography produces prints that match your display (rather than your trying to calibrate your display to match a print.)  We invented a process that allows you to work intuitively if you wish to. Originally, Piezography was designed to print linear in a way that exceeded what a screen could display. And we still teach that! But, we also show how to use an optional workflow to make the Piezography print match the image from your computer display.

Our Piezography Professional Toolset opens up even more options. You'll actually learn to make profiles while you're with us. Everyone gets a run through as a one-on-one. We believe the new tools are really powerful. It's not just for making profiles. And if you want to get deep into that software - come back for the New Piezography or the Advanced Piezography workshop.

Before you pack up and leave we'll have a group critique for everyone. And yes weather permitting we do throw a good deck party behind the studios. That night we also leave the studio open later for printing. However, if you really want to up your cooking game stick around Jon starting about 5pm if he's making paella outside. He may even put you to task! By 7p you and your invited significant others are welcome for paella, beer, wine, and other bevies. It's one of our favorite aspects of the workshop getting to know everyone a bit better. Those who bring portfolios can share their work. We close the studios about 9p that night (this is usually Wednesday evening).

Source materials such as digital photographs, either scanned film or digital originals.

Images in digital format. PSD, jpg, TIFF, RAW file formats are all common and work. Bring original files at original resolution in addition to any processed or manipulated versions.

Jump drive (thumb drive or other portable read/write media) - this is how you will shuttle your images from your laptop to the print servers.

A laptop is mandatory. We do not have computers for you to work with at the workshop. You should have Photoshop or/ and Lightroom installed. Download 30 day trial versions from Adobe and install before you arrive.

Large enough luggage to pack small and medium prints, with stiff protector (cardboard or matt board). You can also make arrangements and pay Cone Editions Press to ship your prints that you produce in the workshop back to your home.

The studio is located at 17 Powder Spring Road, Topsham, Vermont 05076. It is registered with Google Maps and you can trust Google directions to our studio. The studio is open to students, and instruction is provided from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Your instructor sets time for demonstrations, lunch, critiques and clean up. On Wednesday we try to have a paella party in the Summer when weather permits. In the Fall we try to do something similar. But, we do keep the studio open later on Wednesdays. We also encourage sharing your work on Wednesday early evening. So plan for staying a bit later on Wednesday to share, eat, or get a bit more printing done!

Our nearest airport (75 minutes) is Burlington International Airport (BTV) in Burlington, VT. Other airports are Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) (130 minutes) and Boston-Logan (180 minutes). There are car rentals as well as private taxis and shuttles between the airport in Burlington, VT and East Topsham. 

The amount of lodging near us is very limited. You must make reservations early if you want to be within walking distance of our studio. There is a small B&B with friendly owners and excellent breakfast and 5 minute walk: http://www.vermontbackintime.info/

We provide a tasty and healthy lunch each day
according to the questionnaire you are asked to fill out prior to your arrival. Coffee, espresso, and tea are all very important to us and is always available fresh. We have a refrigerator in case you need to bring things you would rather not be without.

For dinner, Vermont is known for its interesting and varied cuisine. Some of our favorites are close and others are not so close. 

Computers and Displays: Cone Editions Press does not provide computer workstations. You must arrive with your own laptop computer. We do provide reference calibrator displays. These displays use DVI or HDMI inputs. Please contact us prior to the workshop so that we can advise you of any adapter you may need to connect your laptop to our displays. The use of our calibrated displays are not mandatory - but they will allow you to see what you can print - and you will want one when you return home! These are not your average displays!

Materials: All materials used in the workshop are included within the workshop fees. We offer the following papers: JonCone Studio Type 2 and Type 5, Canson Photographique, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, Hahnemuhle Museum Etching. Epson Exhibition Fiber. All Piezography ink sets are available during the workshop.

Printers: During the workshop attendees have access to five Epson 3880 printers as well as 7880, 9800, 4900 and 9900 large format printers are present but not available for workshop use. Still we may use these printers from time to time to demonstrate preventative maintenance and installation demos or to answer printer specific questions.

Fees: $1500. A non-refundable reservation payment of $450 is required when you sign up for a workshop on the InkjetMall website. The balance of the workshop must be paid for in full 30 days in advance of the workshop or you lose your reservation payment.

Cancellation Policy: We have both a very generous and a very strict cancellation policy because the workshops are small and your cancelling adversely affects our program. All workshops must be fully paid 30 days in advance. We collect a deposit payment of $450 in advance. Should you decide to cancel your participation in advance of paying your balance and we can replace you with another attendee - we will refund your deposit minus a $100 cancellation fee. If you must cancel within 30 days after paying your full fee & we can replace you with another attendee, we will cheerfully refund 100% your monies minus a $100 cancellation fee. If we can not replace you - you will forfeit 100% of the fees that you have paid. Please be sure before you sign up. If you must cancel - do not wait until the last day. The sooner you alert us - the better chance someone on the waiting list can replace you.

Contact: Cathy Cone is the Workshop Coordinator. Please call (802) 439-5751 #101 or email [email protected]

What's Included

The $1,500 workshop fee includes all materials and fine art papers. We provide a delicious lunch according to your dietary restrictions as long as you send us notice at least 7 days in advance. We provide fresh tea and coffee and cold drinks. You get a workshop manual. InkjetMall staff will be present to take orders which include substantial discounts on inks, cartridges, noble metals, papers, and software if you are so inclined to take advantage of things like that.

Any questions? Call Workshop Director, Cathy Cone, at (802) 439-5751

Product Type Workshop
Brand Cone Editions
Workshop Dates August 5th to 8th, 2019

Compatibility Notes

If you are looking for information before you buy Piezography, this workshop is for you. If you are a seasoned user wishing to squeeze more out of your image preparation and printing technique, this workshop is for you - although you might also consider Advanced Piezography printing. If you are a technician or lab assistant with the responsibility of printing for others, this workshop is for you.

If you have no experience whatsoever in digital imaging and hoping to learn Photoshop, then this workshop may not be compatible with you. In this case we recommend a private workshop tailored specifically to your needs or Piezography for Absolute Beginners Workshop

If you are seeking to use this time to print a portfolio or an exhibition, this workshop is not compatible with you. In this case we recommend a private workshop at Cone Editions Press.