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Piezography K7, Selenium Tone, 700ml, Set of 8 Inks (matte only)

Piezography K7, Selenium Tone, 700ml, Set of 8 Inks (matte only)


Piezography Selenium K7 ink set fo matte printing. Click on detailed description for more information.

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  • PiezoDN Digital Negative Compatibility

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Never heard of Piezography?

Set 8 (matte only) is a Piezography ink set for printers with at least 8 color positions where only matte printing is desired. These printers include the Epson R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R2880, Pro 4800, Pro 4880, Pro7800, Pro 9800, Pro 7880, Pro 9880. The entire ink set is dedicated to matte printing. It includes the matte black shade 1, and shades 2-7. PiezoFlush is the 8th "ink" and is intended to be installed in the unused 8th position of an 8 ink printer that is using only 7 inks. This unused position is the LLK slot. Gloss Overprint and Photo Black is not included in this ink set and therefore non-matte papers should not be printed. These include baryta, semi-matte, semi-gloss, F-Type, gloss and film.

Piezography2 ink sets are an alternative for 8 ink channel printers in which both matte and glossy printing are possible.

This ink set is not PiezoDN compatible.

This set can be used in printers with 9 or 11 ink channels in which only 7 ink channels are operable. In this case additional PiezoFlush should be purchased to keep non-operating print head channels from over-heating and affecting adjacent working channels. We offer a Piezography media profile re-mapping service to map out non-operating channels in printers. This allows you to use a printer with permanently clogged channels, or aquire a potentially free printer that is no longer useful to someone printing color.

Piezography Selenium is one of Jon Cone's favorite ink sets. His professor at Ohio University, Arnold Gassan, encouraged Cone to study the chemistry of photography. His insistence that Cone make his own chemistry, fully understand the zone system, and become a skilled practitioner of the darkroom was very influential in Cone's later work as a development printmaker. They reconnected when Gassan very ill in his later life reqiured some help in his digital archives. Cone asked Gassan to provide the definitive short-bath Selenium toned print on his favorite Ilford fiber based paper. That print was used for the *ab values to formulate Selenium inks.

Soft proof:
Selenium K7on Epson Exhibition Fiber


As for its final color in glossy printing, on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper it's very reminiscent of Ilford fiber based... maybe even a dead ringer. Probably hard to get any more replicant than this combination. Not to ring the bell to loud, but this may be the best possible replacement for the actual short bath, selenium-toned, fiber based silver print.

Soft proof:
Selenium K7on JonCone Studio Type 5

On JonCone Studio Type 5, the warmth of the paper brings that warm Agfa paper back into the picture.This ink is our number one selling ink because it is so representative of darkroom printing.

Soft proof:
Selenium K7 on JonCone Studio Type 2

This ink set is designed to be used with the Piezography media profiles and QuadTone RIP. Please see the Instructions tab for a full explanation of its use.

Soft proof:
Selenium K7 on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

You can expect to reach a dMax of 1.65 on matte papers such as JonCone Studio Type2 and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. When glossy printing according to our directions you can reach dMax levels as high as 2.80. Piezography Glossy produces a finish in which you will not be able to tell where the inks end and the paper begins. When used as directed, it produces a uniform surface without any gloss differential nor bronzing.

This ink set can also produce the highest standard digital negatives with the optional PiezoDN software. Using multiple shades of black ink produces tens of thousands of more gray levels than when using color inks to produce digital negatives. You'll benefit by the same higher acuity, smoothness of tone, and shadow and highlight detail that Piezography inks give to printing. With PiezoDN software, you can expand the the dynamic range of your medium in the same way Piezography expands the dynmaic range of fine black & white printmaking.

What's Included

You get a set of eight bottles of ink including the Matte black, six additional shades of black ink, and a bottle of PiezoFlush for the "unused" eight and/or ninth positions of 8 and 9 slot printers when a glossy option is undesirable.

Product Type Bottle Sets (no carts)
Ink Type Piezography Selenium
Brand Piezography
Printer Compatibility P400 , P600 , P800 , P6000 , P8000 , P7000 , P9000 , 3800 , 3880 , 4800 , 4880 , 4900 , 7800 , 7880 , 7890 , 7900 , 9800 , 9880 , 9890 , 9900 , 7700 , 9700 , R3000 , R2880 , R2400 , R2000 , R1900 , R800 , R1800
Bottle Size 700mL(s)
Color Position or Shade Full Set
Gloss or Matte Compatibility Matte Printing Only
Piezography Ink Set Configuration Piezography K7 Set
PiezoDN Digital Negative Compatibility Not supported by PiezoDN

Compatibility Notes

Piezography K7 and K6 inks are compatible with both matte and glossy (including baryta) papers.

  1. To use with matte papers, the Matte Black shade 1 must be used.
  2. For printing on glossy or baryta papers, the Photo Black shade 1 must be used.
  3. After printing on a glossy or baryta media, a second overprint of Piezography Gloss Overprint is requried according to our instructions in order to equalize all gloss differential, bring out shadow detail, and eliminate bronzing.

Piezography inks are intended for use with Piezography .iquad curves and the QuadTone RIP when used as instructed inthe NEW Piezography Manual which can be found in our Instructions tab.

There are many different configurations of ink available according to printer model and your intended use.

If you are buying an optional HD version of an ink set it may require the purchase of Piezography Professional Edition software in order to make your own custom curves. Where this is not mandatory with the Piezography Pro HD Photo Black, it is mandatory with the Piezography Pro Ultra HD Matte Black.

Please review the detailed description to make certain you are buying a system according to your intentions and needs.