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Piezography, Selenium Tone, 220ml, Shade 4.5


Piezography, Selenium Tone, 220ml, Shade 4.5

SKU: PZK7-SEL-220-4.5

This shade replaces regular shade 4 in a film only Piezography system. Check compatibility tab and description for more info...

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Shades 2.5 and 4.5 were released in 2013 for making digital negatives using Methodology 1 & 3. These shades are now superceded by the PiezoDN profiling system which uses a traditional K6 or K7 glossy ink set. We suggest you upgrade to PiezoDN. PiezoDN software contains support for the original 2013 release of digital film media curves. But, no further upgrading is intended.

What's Included

You get one bottle of ink.

Product Type Individual Bottles
Ink Type Piezography Selenium
Brand Piezography
Bottle Size 220mL(s)
Color Position or Shade Shade 4.5

Compatibility Notes

Piezography K7 and K6 inks are compatible with both matte and glossy (including baryta) papers.

  1. To use with matte papers, the Matte Black shade 1 must be used.
  2. For printing on glossy or baryta papers, the Photo Black shade 1 must be used.
  3. After printing on a glossy or baryta media, a second overprint of Piezography Gloss Overprint is requried according to our instructions in order to equalize all gloss differential, bring out shadow detail, and eliminate bronzing.

Piezography inks are intended for use with Piezography .iquad curves and the QuadTone RIP when used as instructed inthe NEW Piezography Manual which can be found in our Instructions tab.

There are many different configurations of ink available according to printer model and your intended use.

If you are buying an optional HD version of an ink set it may require the purchase of Piezography Professional Edition software in order to make your own custom curves. Where this is not mandatory with the Piezography Pro HD Photo Black, it is mandatory with the Piezography Pro Ultra HD Matte Black.

Please review the detailed description to make certain you are buying a system according to your intentions and needs.